What Is Ailing You? Try These Food Cures

Today's post is by someone who I not only consider a friend but that I admire deeply on all things spiritual, Steffany Barton. Steffany is a a professional psychic medium, a Karuna Reiki Master -- the highest level of achievement in Reiki, has a degree in nursing, and is a compassionate and kind friend. We get together with our children each week and I was so amazed when she told me about foods that can cure what ails us emotionally and spiritually. I am so excited that she was willing to pass this information on so that you too can benefit from her knowledge. It never ceases to amaze me at how important what we put in our bodies each day is.

Food Cures

by-Steffany Barton


As a young nursing student in a class on wellness teaching for cardiac rehab patients, I heard my instructor muse, “Remember, when it comes to good health, Food is Medicine.”

I had never heard the adage before, yet it struck a cord with me. In the health care industry, providers are often times all too quick to throw complicated medications with numerous side effects at a problem. Instead, could it be that certain foods can work to enhance the body’s ceaseless efforts to maintain balance and wellness?

I began to study more on the healing properties of foods. Years later, I began to delve a bit more deeply into the spiritual benefits of a healthy diet. We are beings composed of energy that simultaneously shape and are shaped by our environment. Food is energy, too, and when we match our needs with foods that offer the appropriate frequencies, miracles
can happen.

So experiment a little, and if you have any of the following concerns, head to the pantry and dig in!

**For persistent fatigue, worrisome thoughts about money, concerns with living situation, or struggles in job or career, foods that are grown underground provide support. This includes potatoes, nuts, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, cucumbers, mushrooms, and rhubarb can also be beneficial. These foods support clear thinking on making good decisions for self care, finances, career, and home life.

**When feeling stuck creatively, experiencing an inability to enjoy and appreciate the senses or the natural world, struggling with addictions, or looking for intimacy, reach for foods that are warming to the body. These include ginger, fennel, cumin, cabbage, pumpkins, artichoke, ghee, licorice, cinnamon, and salmon. Peaches, mangoes, apricots, nectarines, and watermelon are good choices, too. Highly refined starches such as white bread and pastas are best avoided when dealing with these issues and they can induce a sensation of insatiability. Warming the body through food helps enliven the senses and reawaken the parts of our body that cue us in to a sense of satisfaction.

**We all deal with power struggles and boundaries, so to help make clear and healthy decisions about self image, self concept, and self discipline, look for foods that are yellow in color. Bananas, yellow squash, mustard, spaghetti squash, lemons (and any other citrus fruit); sunflowers seeds, pineapple, kiwi, golden apples, grapes, and corn are easily accessible options. Water is also extremely important, as adequate hydration provides for clear thinking.

**If healing the spiritual or emotional aspects of the heart becomes important, go green! Broccoli, spinach, olives (and olive oil), mint, parsley, grapes, okra, squash, cucumbers, peas, green beans, oregano offer assistance. Beets, alfalfa, mustard greens, and avocados are also nice choices to help nurture the heart. A significant part of healing the heart comes from learning to accept unconditional love, and it is exceedingly difficult to receive that which we do not give ourselves. So, buy choosing foods that honor and nurture our health and well being, we allow our heart to heal and flourish.

**If communication has run amuck in your life, Mother Nature offers several nutritional options to offset blockages. Kelp, seafood, kale, horseradish, blueberries, bok choy, tomatoes, green tea, pomegranate, and bamboo shoots each provide support. Often times, poor self esteem underlies problems in communication and difficulty in self expression, so partnering these foods with those mentioned above can prove especially helpful.

**When struggling to see hope for the future, experiencing difficulty with dreaming, or feeling bored and uninspired in life, antioxidant rich foods can reopen our creative vision. Blackberries, raspberries, eggplant, purple cabbage, black grapes, red wine (in moderation, of course), acai berry, and almonds all feed the soul. If you are seeking to reconnect with your inner vision, it can often be beneficial to reduce dairy consumption. Cheese, milk, and ice cream can, for many people, cloud our spiritual vision. Milk alternatives can offer all the same nutritional benefits, and often times many more.

**If you struggle with the concept of a higher power, question the purpose of life on Earth (hey, we’ve all been there), feel a sense of separation, or a nameless, faceless longing for something just out of reach (sometimes called existential grief), consider not what you eat, but the process of eating. Spend a moment centering yourself before taking in a meal. Bless the food before you and honor the spirits of the individuals involved in the growth, sale, and preparation of the food. Express gratitude for the opportunity to be nourished, and let eating become a bold statement of self respect and self care. You don’t have to mutter some stuffy prayer or spend a lot of time in ritual, but the heart centered intention of gratitude and love can transform the act of eating into a spiritual practice.

Our bodies are designed for perfection. Listen to your inner wisdom and allow food to become a truly healing medicine!

Let me just say that Steffany is the real deal. I am one of those skeptical sorts and after a couple of one on one consultations and group classes with Steffany I am more at peace and comfortable with life on the other side, angels and all those other mysteries that allude us. If you get the chance please visit her site at Angels Insight (she does one on ones over the phone too).


  1. Wonderful, helpful post. "Food is medicine" is great! I'm not only going to remember that, but may have to steal it for a future post. Nice guest post...thanks.


  2. This is fascinating Heidi. I've never seen this information anywhere before, and I think it will be very useful to me. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Great post. I rarely think of foods affecting me in such defined and specific terms- at least not in positive ways. Your post will have me paying more attention to just how each thing affects me in positive ways. Right now I'm thinking that I really could use some fennel. Thanks!

  4. That is so true! Our body is our temple and what we put in makes such a difference! I always eat lot's of greens before working with clients (I really love to get a wheat grass shot) I find it really "clears" my energy. Such a great post today!

  5. BTW...did you stop by and pick up your award??? No big deal...just want you to know how great you are :)

  6. This is a very informative post and is one I will be referencing a lot.Like most of us I used to eat a lot of meats and so on until recently.I discovered how much my body responded to the foods I eat.I now eat mostly vegetables grains and legumes.Of course i haven't given up meat but prefer fish.Your post is dead on thanks for posting it and I look forward to the next one.

    Take care.

  7. thanks heidi! i'll keep a copy of this ;)

    have a great weekend.

  8. Again a very informative post. Have a great weekend

  9. Nice article,
    hope you can walk to my web..

  10. Interesting stuff. So many helpful foods out there.

  11. Hi Heidi, Thanks for sharing this with us. Your posts are always interesting and helpful to us all. One of the many gifts God gave us FOOD. I will check her site out. I believe angels are among us. Have a great weekend! :-)

  12. How fun it was for me to read about a fellow RN, also with a Master/Teacher degree in Karuna Reiki© and interested in nutrition!! That is also my training :o))....There is no need to be skeptical of these things. Especially not Reiki. Warming and cooling foods have a long basis and tradition in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The knowledge is ancient. It is just that we Westerners are youngsters in the area.

  13. I really believe that food is medicine..I am feeling tired and fatiged all the time, I work 10 hour days and I am just plain pooped half the time. That is one of the biggest reasons why I don't blog all the alot. I am going to use more sweet potatoes in my diet..great post!

  14. Will have to keep these in mind!

  15. Hi Heidi,

    I find your post very informative and submitted it to ENTREVIEW.COM so that more bloggers would read it.
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    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Going to have to give some of these a try, thanks for sharing, great info!!

  17. Excellent article. I'll have to try some of the suggested foods to get me back to my creative, hopeful self.

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  19. This is really interesting information. Definitely something to bookmark and come back to!

  20. I Pulled a Muscle in my Back Mowing the Lawn last week* Thank heavens for Robaxacet!! ;)) Peace*

  21. This as a great post! I have a book about this too, I can't recall the name of it but its really a good read and true about the food we eat.

    Keep up the great job on your blog!!!

  22. Thinking of food in that way will make little difficult for me to eat food as I just hate medicines.

  23. I absolutely love this post. If I can only get myself to really commit to following these suggestions, I'll be a one wholesome person in everyway.

    Is it okay to print this particular post so I can refer to the tips as often as I can? Please let know, okay?

    Thanks again,

  24. Thanks for sharing this, it is helpful for me. Also "Food is medicine" - this is very coolest thing, If I follow this, I do not want to go to hospitals....Yup.


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