Can NOT eating Actually Make You Fat?

As I think I have mentioned in almost every other post or so-I have always been obsessed with eating, dieting, exercising, and looking for the magic pill to make it all so easy (why can't I just eat a box of chocolates and not feel guilty for once in my life?). I remember the days when I thought that I would skip breakfast, longingly watch that girl in the lunchroom eat dessert or only eat a half piece of lettuce a to try and lose weight. I was miserable and hungry so I love the below article by Kim Klaver of Whole Food Nation fame (she is one of the founders of the whole food supplements that I religiously take and panic if I am close to out of). I can eat, you can eat, we can all eat and yes we can lose weight and be healthy!! I have never found the magic pill but I have found a lot of great and helpful information to help me sort it out. Naturally, I want to share it with you so I hope that this helps you as it has helped me!

Can NOT Eating Make You Fat?????

by Kim Klaver

"Well, I don't eat in the mornings, so that has to be helping me lose, right?"

Actually, not eating will likely put more fat on you, says Dr. Heidi, nutrition professor and creator of the Extreme Regime Weight Control program.

What's going on?

1. Not eating signals your body (YB) to pump up her fat storing machine.
Your body, call her YB, is designed to protect you. When you don't eat for several hours or more, YB perceives a famine coming. So it makes more fat-storing enzymes. The longer and more often you go without eating, the more efficient YB becomes - at fat storing. (!)

[YB does that to protect you so there's something in her storage bin for you in case you go even longer without eating. She knows you might need it for energy later.]

"But I'm not hungry in the morning!"

2. You an AM coffee drinker?
Coffee's a stimulant that kills your appetite. That would explain why you're not hungry in the mornings. You may think that's good. But actually, not eating kicks up YB's fat storage function - YB thinks there's a famine coming and wants to protect you.

3. When you finally DO eat, is it too much too late?
Workaholics: We know the pitfalls of piling it on late, don't we? The digestive fires are weak at night so if you eat a big dinner, well, that puts the fat on. YB can't digest a big dinner late at night.

1. AM coffee drinkers: have some water and real food before you have coffee.
2. Late night eaters: eat something small - so YB can digest it with the small digestive energy available so late.
3. Slow digesters: Consider using whole food supplements with potent digestive enzymes ."

This requires some serious changing of habits on my part. It is hard to get it out of my head that not eating will make me skinny. I still panic once in awhile and think that I just need to skip this meal or that meal to stay thin (but then I remember what I have learned and what actually is working for me-eating healthy). So, next time you think you don't have time for breakfast or that healthy snack, think again !


  1. Hi Heidi!

    I find your post today to be very true. I skip breakfast, I eat lunch late and eat a full meal in the evening. Now I know that is why I'm gaining weight but still has extremely thin extremities (arms and legs - probably from genes).

  2. Hello There!

    I'm not a breakfast eater, but I force myself to do it.

    I thought about you the other day...July 18th...when I made a decision to never eat (dairy) ice cream again. As much as I love it, I cannot eat one more spoonful.

    I guess I'll have to try the soy version again...whenever the craving hits.

    My husband found a website that really made the decision for me. I don't drink milk or eat cheese, and the info I read guarantees I'll never do it again.

    So...I'm officially on my way to becoming Vegan.

    I guess my post on Dr. Denmark made me a little curious. Am I happy about it? No.

    Didn't someone once say...with much knowledge comes much sorrow?

  3. I don't think that dieting can help you to reduce fats,it can just low down your energy level only.

  4. I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast. I need to get back into the swing of having a decent breakfast. That's probably why I'm always sluggish in the morning too.

  5. Great post! I thank my lucky stars for finding you! You always get me thinking!

  6. Yes there's a lot of wisdom here. I find Kim Klaver and Whole Foods Nation to be very insightful and their products excellent for maintaining my family's health.

  7. Heidi...we think the same on so many levels when it comes to food...I often wish I could just give it up the way I did smoking...:0)

    You seem to be doing a great job of controlling your food issues...


  8. Oh my goodness ! My sister in the Philippines is really into skipping breakfast everyday with the hopes of losing weight. I have to tell her about these things and hopefully I could convince her.

    Thanks for posting this :)

  9. Hi Heidi,
    I like to have a protein Herbalife shake in the morning. I am a believer in whole food supplements. Herbalife products have helped me out. I think it is very important to get your nutrition in everyday. Excellent post, it will help out a lot of people. :-)

  10. AMEN and thank you for posting this/spreading the word ;)


  11. Ugh. Based on this, I'm doomed. Even the smell of food before 1pm makes me nauseated, lol. And I am a workaholic-- I gobble my lunch and dinner so I can get back to work! sigh.

    i like your blog. Thanks for the good articles, even though they make me see I am DOOMED, just DOOMED! LOL

    i will *try* to be good. :D

  12. when i was still in college, i'm so used to not eating breakfast. that was not a problem because i was young and it's easier to lose weight when you're young.

    i still skip breakfast, eat full lunch and dinner and it is harder to lose weight even if i just have 1/2 a cup of rice, now i know why.

    thanks for sharing. ;)

  13. Excellent post! This is something I preach all the time on my blog. Eat several times a day and NEVER skip breakfast.

  14. Ohhhh if there were a magic pill to keep us looking like we did when we were 18 butt up in the air ready to set a glass on...Darn the body...if we do not feed it it will think it is starving and hold on to fat...I tell my patients...1 lb. of fat equals 3500 I think I will put on my tenis shoes and head to the gym.

  15. Thanks for the entrecard drop. Many doctors and nutritionists who put fat people on diets fail to understand this concept. Simply not eating enough is one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss. When I hit 250 they put me on a 1500 cal weight watchers diet and despite following it strictly and exercise I got fatter, had my blood pressure, average blood sugar, and cholesterol increase.

    It wasn't until I went to eating more than 3500 calories a day once I was even fatter that I managed to start losing weight and improve my overall health.

    For the record eating 3500 calories is a lot harder than eating 1500 or less.

  16. Great post! I'm a breakfast eater but it was a habit I had to develop years ago. Eat breakfast = wake up your metabolism!

  17. Finally, some justification for my need to snack all day long!

  18. well actually, eat makes you burn fat.. bcuz is like, when you eat you have the energy to burn calories, well.. anniie can explain this better than me, shes the one how studies nutrition so.. well, skip breakfast makes your metabolism slower, dont forget that, if you are gonna eat something at the day, it would be better to at least eat an apple at the morning... good luck

  19. Hello Heidi,
    This is very informative for me because I often skip breakfast also. Perhaps it's the coffee I drink at around 4 a.m. at work that's killing my appetite. And yes, additional poundage keep piling up on me inspite of the missed breakfast meals. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I tell my wife this all the time! I NEVER skip breakfast. My downfall is eating only 3 meals a day. My metabolism needs a kick start!

  21. I read this and see myself. Coffe in the morning and eating late at night ... when I am starving!!

    Yep, this post was kind of a wake up call. Tnx :-)

  22. Do you know how those huge Japanese sumo wrestlers gain weight?

    As part of their training, they do not eat breakfast in the morning.

    By depriving their bodies of food after eight hours of sleep, their metabolic rates stay low.

    They also make sure to eat a large meal right before bedtime.

    Going to bed with full stomach means their bodies must respond to the huge flood of nutrients with a rush of insulin, forcing their bodies to store some of it in the cells as fat instead of in the muscles and organs as nutrients.

  23. I'm glad you didn't say cut out the coffee, I can't do it. Now eating before the coffee, I can do that. :) Great post!

  24. Hi! Nice blog you have here! Well, I agree about the coffee and workaholic thing because it reflects me as you mention it, maybe thats why I dont get too fat. I just dropped by reading and wanted to invite you to visit my website I also added myself as one of your members in your community as well as added you in my friends list thanks and God bless!

  25. Hi! Nice blog you have here! Well, I agree about the coffee and workaholic thing because it reflects me as you mention it, maybe thats why I dont get too fat. I just dropped by reading and wanted to invite you to visit my website I also added myself as one of your members in your community as well as added you in my friends list thanks and God bless!

  26. Good article. I've read a lot recently about not skipping breakfast and eating regularly to keep your metabolism high and it's so true. Plus, I find that if I don't eat regularly or I skip breakfast, I'm really lacking in energy.


    P.S. For those who don't like breakfast, try a protein shake with milk and a banana. This is my usual breakfast on weekdays becaue I'm in such a rush for work. I put the protein powder in a shaker the night before and then in the morning simply add milk, shake and drink. Then I eat the banana whilst walking to the train station or whilst on the train.

    Since the protein shake is a drink it doesn't seem as overpowering as sitting down to eat a full breakfast. If the bananas too filling try replacing it with a different, more watery fruit such as an apple, orange or peach.

  27. This is a great post! It drives me crazy when people starve themselves to lose weight - not eating actually makes you gain weight due to a slowed metabolism (and other factors). I no longer watch what I eat and just eat what and how much my body wants, and I am thinner than ever!

  28. well , it also has to deal with your mentality . If you think positive , it will have positive impact on your body.

  29. thanks for dispelling that myth that skipping meals (i.e.., and skipping the calories) is a good thing. i think we're all tempted sometimes to skip thinking our moderation is healthy when actually it's not.

  30. mmmm, Thanks for your tips. Oh ya, I am going to change my eating habit to loose my weight....thanks for advices....


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