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Are We Trusting Too Much With Food?

I found this article by one of the people that I admire on health and business information the most-Kim Klaver. I take the whole food supplements (the pops) that her company makes and through her have learned so much about nutrition. I find that everyday I learn more through reading, and blogging. I thought that I would pass this on as I am still learning what to trust and not trust when it comes to eating.

"Most of us are too busy to pay attention to more than a few things, and for the rest, we trust. We must. No time.

When it comes to food, we may have trusted too much. (Judging by the size and health of most of America.) The interests of big food today are not the interests of your body's health. Compare:
Big Food value #1

Shelf life. Once-real food is now irradiated and subjected to extreme heat which kills all the vitamins and enzymes. The chemicals so distort the food molecules that they're not usable by our bodies. But hey, it has shelf life and looks good.
Can your body survive big food's value #1?

A body can't process 'shelf-lifed' food. It wants real food. Translation: Fresh. Clean. Not genetically mutilated. With its vitamins and nutrients intact. Available from local farmers in most cities in the US.
If your body is in great shape, no need to change anything. If it isn't, consider doing something novel for it: real food.

Why follow the crowd? Do they look that good to you?

So be weird. Think different. Do different.

2,500 years ago, here's what a revered religious leader told his followers:
"Do not take anything on 'authority'. Nor blindly believe it because the government or your teacher said it. Instead, test ideas and actions yourself, and when you know they lead to harm or ill, abandon them. If you know they lead to benefit or happiness, adopt them. Be lamps unto yourselves."-Buddha.
Look in the (full length) mirror. Has big food harmed you or benefited you? Will you continue to trust them."

Hmmmmmmmmmm! She always makes me think. I am now a religious label reader and still working on completely understanding even that.


Paul Eilers said...
Too many people are trading convenience for health.

In addition, one of the biggest health myths out there is, if they can sell it in stores or restaurants, it must be okay to consume. This is not always the case.

I saw my grandfather and father die of cancer. I've also seen people turn their health around by using good, sound nutritional principles.

The key is to take charge of your health. Get educated so you can make good nutritional choices. Reading this blog is one way to learn more about your health.
Anonymous said...
Nice post, especially Buddha's quote. I never seen this quote before but it really gives me a good drive today.
Soge shirts said...
Food would never lie to me except for all the time. Good post.
Anonymous said...
that's so true! most of the time we are so busy and have no time to prepare real food. im so glad im always at home and the market is just a few minutes walk. and paul is so right people, working moms especially are trading convenience for health.

this is another great post, i hope many people can read this. ;)

Anonymous said...
That's why the poor get fat, and there is increased need for Medicaid. There's something just wrong with having to choose between eating "real" food and paying the bills. Yes, the long run will result in a longer healthier more fulfilling life, but when you are faced with such financial decisions, you enter into the game of Russian roulette and hope you can beat the odds. I'm a first hand witness to someone close to me losing the bet.

I'm slowly but surely making some changes to the way I eat. I still have to check out the farmer's market (which is only a half mile from my house!) I'm not quite functional at the time of morning they're open, but as I adjust to my new job schedule, hopefully I'll become more of a morning person.
tashabud said...
Heidi, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to come by more often. However, I went and read the ones that I've missed. As always, you wrote great posts for our health, minds, and bodies. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said...
Great topic to hit on Heidi! Paul Chek says it perfectly -- "The longer the food can last on the shelf, the worse it is for you." Essentially, the "more dead" the food is, the harder your body has to work to get even the smallest bit of nutritional value.

Whole foods -- local, fresh, organic in particular -- do the body best.
Caroline said...
I stumbled across your blog today and it's great! I agree with eating "real" food. I always feel so much better when I eat well.
Anonymous said...
Great post. Knowledge is power and I agree we shouldn't be too trusting about what's available out there. We should treat our bodies with respect.
Rocki Adams said...
Food for thought, thanks :)

That is one of my favorite Buddha quotes.

☼ Rocki
GetSmartGal said...
hmmmmm is right, thanks for the info!!
Jemi said...
Wow ! I never thought of this before. I have a lot of canned goods and other not-so-healthy stuff in our house. I don't use them a lot. Only when I am running out of time and had to prepare a quickie meal.

This post is very enlightening ! Keep posting ! I will keep coming back for more great posts !

Thanks !
Anonymous said...



Jean9 said...
In the years that I was raising my kids I was a stay at home mom believing in growing a garden and raising chickens etc. I always cooked good wholesome meals. When I went into the work force I slacked off for a bit! But now am happy to say that I am back in the cooking groove again. In addition to it being healthier its tastier as well. Thank you for visiting and commenting I appreciate it. You have so much food for thought I really enjoy your site.
Anonymous said...
I can see more items being irradiated for longer shelf lives especially in difficult to reach places with the prices of fuel and food items beginning to soar. Perhaps this is a portend of things to come. People are trying to cut too many corners.

They have just found out now that bio fuels made from corn, produce more greenhouse gasses and more polution than petrol (gas) and yet people are still promoting it. Producing bio fuels is also leading to food shortages throughout the world but it seems people would rather take this route than cut back on unnecessary car and plane journeys.

It would seem that we are sorely wanting in strong leadership before things get past the point of no return!
HeyShae! said...
I agree with Paul. We are definitely a convenience-friendly society. And yes, we do trust too much when it comes to food and our health.

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