Want To Lose Weight? Try These Water Rich Foods

I admit that anytime I hear about somebody losing weight my ears prick up and I am instantly intrigued. I want to know all the details (I pretty much like to know all the details about anybody whose willing to spill the beans on just about anything), the who, the what, how much-you name it. So, when a friend of mine recently told me about how she focused on eating water rich foods along with her exercising to lose weight , I needed to know more (of course).

I have always heard that a successful and healthy diet includes drinking lots of water and that water fills you up so that you don't feel hungry. What I never realized is that eating water rich foods will make you feel even more full. Apparently, we do not feel full from calories but from the weight of what we put in our bodies. For example, if you had one pound of raspberries and one pound of chocolate (my two favorite foods) both would make you feel full because of the weight, but the raspberries would have far fewer calories than the chocolate (I kind of wish it was the other way around). Another important factor is that water does not only have weight, it helps food stick around longer. When water is bound to food, it slows down the absorption and gives a longer lasting feeling of fullness in your belly. If you like to eat bigger portions then you definitely want to focus on water rich foods (yogurt, fruit, vegetables, soup) and not dense foods (crackers, pretzels, bread, cheese) so that you can get that content full filling without all the calories.

Great Water Based Food Choices





**Broth Based Soup

A Few Of My Faves With Some Healthy Benefits

Approximately 92% water and is known to
help prevent cataracts and assists in fighting birth defects.
**Tomato –Approximately 93% water and helps prevent prostate cancer and promotes bone health.
**Cucumber –Approximately 95% water and is known to soothe skin irritations and reduces skin swelling.Also has been known to help lower blood pressure.
**Watermelon –Approximately 92% water. Reduces the risk of heart disease and helps alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
**Grapefruit – Approximately 88% water, grapefruit is known to boost liver enzymes and helps repair DNA.

Next time you go to grab the pretzels maybe you could grab some strawberries instead. You get more health benefits and you can feel just as full as the pretzels without all the calories. Salads are great too because of all the water in lettuce. Throw some cucumbers and tomatoes on top and you will really be giving yourself a healthy boost, working towards weight loss, feel full and be very proud of yourself for being so good.


  1. Ah excellent post! and I get to be the first to comment - What an honor! Broccoli - that is one of my favorites. It's amazing when you start to eat healthy - the "bad" food starts to taste cheap and unsatisfying - THanks for helping me keep on track.

  2. hehe, me too. i love chocolates! great info by the way.

  3. This really is so true, I read that book Volumetrics which speaks to the same concept and boy did it help my weight loss efforts! I heart broccoli and strawberries!! ;-)

  4. Great post, I am just having an issues with tomatoes right now! watching to much news! LOL!

  5. I really do love everything on this list. I have stayed away from yogurt in the past because I was only familiar with the sweetened strawberry flavored kind. After a trip to New York, I was exposed to a whole new yogurt world in Middle Eastern food. There are some dishes I still have a hard time with, but for the most part, yummy. Again, brilliant post. Thanks =)

  6. Yeah! Watermelon is so good. My kids love it, everybody wins. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I tried growing watermelons last year and the plant did excellent, but no fruit.

    I love your blog. Great info! You get so much traffic, you might want to move to your own domain name:)

  7. Cheers to another excellent post!
    Great info and an easy-to-read post about healthy foods to eat makes it easier for readers to remember important facts.

    By the way Heidi, can you participate in the Breast Awareness Campaign? I didn't tagged you but it would be really nice if all women could join the campaign.

    You didn't crossed my mind while I was writing the post when I was thinking of all women bloogers - single ones and mommy bloggers.

  8. I am with you on most of this! I really do not like yougurt, I don't know why, even thr flavored ones seem unpleasant.

    Oh, and I saw my ad on your site - woo hoo!

  9. Great post, Heidi, and very helpful. I've been trying to do this in the past month, but man, I miss those creamy comfort foods. I'm trying to break my bad habits!

  10. As usual an informative and interesting post...I enjoy stopping by!

  11. I love oatmeal, though I don't eat it so much in the summer...nice list I'll have to keep in the back of my mind!

  12. Nice post. Good to see a list of foods we should eat!!!

  13. Great information! It makes perfect sense that water connected with food slows down absorption, but what if it's hot chocolate? Does that count as liquid and therefore, water? I wish!

  14. Great post. I can surely use these weight loss tips. If I can only decipline myself to eat healthily then I'll be okay.

    Thanks again for your interest in my novel. I greatly appreciated your comments and feedback.

  15. By the way I have an award for you at my spot!

  16. Ha I like raspberries but I gotta go with the chocolate too.

  17. I love tomatoes and Broccoli! Most people seem to think that is strange. I picked my first tomato from my garden yesterday, yummy!

  18. I do not need to lose weight but I do have those areas that I know could look better. I love the way eating healthy makes me feel. This is great information, I need more water in my diet and I love all of these foods

  19. Unfortunately it is not one of my favourites but I've heard celery is really great for weight loss because it is so water rich that you burn more calories digesting it than you actually get from it. Please note I have only heard this. I've not done any research to check how true it actually is.

  20. I am in dieting now, Thanks for the advice and the tips, mmmmmm, I am going to include tomato and other fruits in my daily food,

    Harry (Herb Cure)


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