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Mom, desperately trying to get the health thing right! I started this blog so that I can pass along all the great things that I learn everyday on damage control for our wonderful bodies. It is tough to keep up sometimes with all the things going on in our daily lives so hopefully some of the helpful hints that I provide can make your life easier and healthier. I welcome your comments and tips as well! I am a vegetarian, animal rights advocate and avid animal rescuer.
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Health Nut Wannabee Mom Ramble-An Alien Must Have Taken Over-I Ate Really Bad Today

If you read my blog even occasionally you will probably notice that I love lists. All kinds of lists! I am a sucker for any list of health stuff that can tell you how to improve yourself or what to avoid. I write lists on foods to speed up your metabolism, foods to help you sleep, foods for energy, you get the picture. Tonight I was going to write a post with a list of ways to get a flat stomach (don't worry, I will never give up the lists-it must be my thing).

But then a sudden urge came over me to just write a ramble.
A day in the life of me, health nut wannabee mom eating really bad. Of course as I sat and ate a package of Mamba taffy and sipped on my Diet Pepsi (I gave them up but today, well I gave in to the temptation) I thought of a million excuses for devouring the iced sugar cookies that my daughters made, the chocolate bar that melted in my mouth like heaven, the mambas which made me dizzy with disgust, and the diet soda that was probably killing me. Perhaps I had PMS (Barry and Paul if you are reading this I know you will understand since you seem to have the PMS problems too-kidding), maybe being inside with the girls all day with all these sweets (I have a sweet tooth) was too tempting, maybe an alien invaded my body and made me do it (this is the most probable I think) or maybe I just wanted a day to be free and slowly kill myself with sugar, artificial sweeteners and more sugar. I really can't say but once it was all said and done I sat feeling miserable, my stomach hurt, my head hurt and I felt like a fraud.

HA! Look at Health Nut Wannabee Mom now- surrounded by cookie crumbs and candy wrappers. After I got over the feeling sorry for myself for giving in, I decided that I am only human and once in awhile I am going to have these days ( I am convinced it was the aliens invading my body) and while not good, it is okay. Truly, I have not eaten like that in probably 2 months. I live on fruits, vegetables, nuts, low fat organic dairy, water, tea and most things healthy.

The great thing is that since changing my diet for the better, I generally don't crave sugary sweets like I used to so today was just well, one of those days that we all have. I guess my point is (if I have one-this really is a ramble)that nobody is perfect regardless of how much we try or learn and it is okay to fall down as long as we get back up. The ironic thing is that after I washed down my last sugar cookie I craved fruit so that is something at least. I promise not to ramble anymore and tomorrow I will be back with my lists!!! I am not sure why I love those lists but they work and tomorrow I will tell you how to get a flat stomach. If you made it this far in my post you have my most heartfelt appreciation for reading this ramble!


Nice to know you are a bit "human" like the rest of us. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you got some use out of the post. Always enjoy visiting your blog.
Liz said...
hehe, i agree with the mommy, i've always thought that you're super healthy with all those lists and tips ;) it's nice to indulge once in a while ;)
Anonymous said...

beyond the fact it's nice to know you're normal :) I also believe a 'shock' like that is GOOD for our metabolism.

forces it to rev.

Anonymous said...
You are not alone Heidi. We try to stay away from all things sugar, and artificial sweeteners too, along with the bad fats. But every once in a while we snap and go off the wagon, so to speak. Then we feel awful, like you described and it makes it easier to get back on track, because it reminds us of how awful those bad things make us feel. But they are still good going down! They make them that way on purpose. I read somewhere while researching eczema for myself that your body will actually crave the foods that make your eczema worse - isn't that great...I used to think your body craved what it is lacking, and in some cases that may be true, but not when it comes to sugar, and wheat and yeasts. So don't beat yourself up too bad. Just get back on track today.
Sandpiper (Lin) said...
Oh, sweet relief! I'm so glad this happens to you, too! I feel normal now. LOL ;-) No matter how dedicated I am to eating healthier, I find myself falling off into a junk food mode at least once or twice a month. I PIG OUT! I avoid the scale for a week afterward. I find that the better I eat, the less I want fatty foods. Fried foods don't taste good to me at all anymore, but sweets? Pass the cookies and ice cream.
Rocki Adams said...
LOL! Enjoyed this ramble and yep, I read it all! I'm a list maker too - it's in my blood.
It's nice to know we're human ;)
Happy day to you,
☼ Rocki
BeadedTail said...
I enjoyed reading your blog today. Your blog is very inspiring and by sharing the fact that you have "aliens invading your body" also from time to time, it helped see that an occasional bad day doesn't negate being healthy every other day. Thanks for sharing your experience!
GetSmartGal said...
You weren't apart of the sin series but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that gluttony is not one of your problems. :)

Life is short, indulging here and there is a necessity-so thank those aliens!
Anonymous said...
You are so healthy, sounds like you passed the test and don't crave diet soda and candy everyday. Did your body feel the change in diet? I need to stop drinking coffee, but can't seem to make the transition to tea or decaf.
Jean9 said...
Oh my goodness, I wish I didn't have so many of those days! Thank you for stopping by!
Laura said...
We all slip up every now and then - some of us (me) more than others. :) I agree with MizFit also.
Ohh give your self a break...
everything in moderation...
a little pop can't hurt you right...
PMS...I like to endulge a little too..coarse that mean drinking beer!!
Da Old Man said...
Nice to know the cravings eventually go away.
Great ramble, sometimes they make for the best post...I have "good" days and "bad" days as well when it comes to food...I think most women do...we are only human and do the best we can at the time...tomorrow is another day!

Momisodes said...
Ah, don't sweat it. I agree that as long as it's not a regular thing, it's alright :)
I noticed that as well when I USED to have a better diet. I didn't crave bad foods as often. I really need to get back onto that boat.
Paul Eilers said...
You are one funny girl!

The interesting thing is now you have less tolerance for eating bad foods. It affects you more now. Why? Because you know what it feels like to feel good.
Barry said...
Ha ha! payback huh?

Yeah I hear that diet coke and what-have-you can kill you, of make you crazy!
Anonymous said...
I love your blog! I try to eat well but I fall out all the time. I use your blog as inspiration to get better... Hopefully I can be a healthnut 2 someday! :)
Soge shirts said...
You can't be perfect every day heidi... or can you lol
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Anonymous said...
it is so sweet of you to share your experience, however, I am in a thirst of reading your post about flat-stomach(Hope you had posted it & I will search and read it)

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