Exercise Your Way To A Younger Looking You!

Are you looking for a little motivation to exercise? As much as I enjoy going to the gym and doing my strength training, there are days that I would just rather do anything else but a little exercise. So, when I discovered that by even moderately exercising I can look younger well, that was all that I needed to keep me going. There really are so many benefits to exercising but I must say that this has to be one of the best!

According to an article that I read in the mirror.co.uk we can actually slow aging and look younger. The study looked at twins and found that there was a 9 year difference between those that exercised regularly and those that did not. "It said: "Our results show that adults who do regular physical activity are biologically younger than sedentary individuals."Researchers at King's College, London, and at a leading US institute in Baltimore studied aging in 2,400 sets of twins by analysing telomeres. Telomeres, which cap the end of chromosomes in cells, shorten with age leaving people susceptible to cell damage which can cause disease, muscles to weaken, skin wrinkles, eyesight and hearing fade, organs fail, and thinking clouds."

A Few Ways That Exercise Can Keep You Feeling And Looking Younger

**Improves Energy Levels-Numerous studies show that regular exercise (cardio or strength training) will make you feel less tired and give you more energy. Those on a regular exercise routine were also found to sleep better, and to be much more alert.

**Reduces Stress Which Improves Skin-I have a friend who swears by exercise for her acne. When you exercise and become fitter, your body releases anti-stress chemicals that help to neutralize those chemicals that stress produces therefore your skin has a youthful glow (I think this could absolutely help with acne as well). Stress wreaks havoc on your skin, and organs so by relieving stress through exercise you can be on your way to a younger you. Keep in mind to only adhere to an exercise routine that you are comfortable with. Too much exercise can actually cause your body to stress so listen to your body.

**HGH Production-HGH is the human growth hormone that we all have. " If you don’t have enough HGH in your body, your skin is likely to sag, you will develop wrinkles, your energy levels will be low and you will be more prone to gaining excess weight, especially around your waist. It also improves our cardiac function, sexual function, lean mass, hair thickness, and younger skin texture. Enough HGH and it will also eliminate cellulite, and your skins elasticity will increase. By age 20, your natural HGH supply is decreasing. Thankfully, regular exercise can stimulate your body to produce more HGG and that means you'll look and feel younger." Source here.

**More Toned-We all know that toned skin looks better than sagging skin. Exercise tones the muscle and speeds up your metabolism which in turn keeps your weight down and helps you avoid many problems associated with weight gain (diabetes, heart disease). Plus, you will look terrific with a nice toned tummy.

If your looking for the fountain of youth, I would have to say that you are going to find it in an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle and a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, protein and water. Why waste your money on plastic surgery, botox, and expensive creams when the answer is right in front of you.


  1. I always cling to this.
    and more so now that 40 is around the proverbial corner!

    (*waves to 40*)


  2. very true! i just wish i'll have more time so i can go back to working out ;)

    happy weekend!

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  4. Another benefits of exercise as we mature is that exercise makes you smarter.

    Colcombe SJ, et al. Aerobic Exercise Training Increases Brain Volume in Aging Humans. The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 61:1166-1170 (2006)

  5. I agree that exercise is so important in everyone's life whether it be daily or weekly. And as we grow older, it is even more important. Now I can't say it's easy to be motivated (LOL) but I know when I am exercising, I feel much better about myself and I feel I've got some extra protection against certain diseases.

  6. Hi thanks for liking to one of my post sure you can copy and print it. Take care and happy weekend...

  7. Loved this post. Great advice on how to look younger (in a natural way that also improves your overall health).

  8. Hey! Thanks for looking at my blog and thanks for the tips and inspiration. I also think that depriving myself will not help one bit. It is like if I say no more chocolate all I want is chocolate. If I say ok, chocolate if you really, really want to then I rarely eat it!

    Exercise really is the fountain of youth. I feel so much better when I get moveing, on all levels! And I so notice when I haven't done it in a while - I break out like a teenager! Wish you the best, take care!

  9. Hi Heidi...another great post! I try to drop by your page as often as I can...and always enjoy what I read. Thanks for the kind words about my site; I appreciate it.


  10. I do believe this is true. I know that on days that I spend WAY too much time sitting with the computer, I'm stiff, just like an old person. On days when I'm up and moving around, my body feels so much better and younger.
    If I just weren't so addicted to my computer!

  11. Hi Wannabee Mom, very interesting post this. Allow me to add my 15 cents here...fully agree with you re exercises...
    There's also an ancient or jurassic way, ha ha...of keeping those wrinkles away or rather putting the handbrake on...take regular afternoon naps.
    Not necessary the kind even a Mack truck's horn won't wake you up...but just a twenty minutes siesta.

    Find the time weekdays...twice, once...or on weekends. Half hour...an hour is good.
    By napping, sleeping...you are relaxing your facial muscles.
    Put a sign outside your door, 'disturb me, you are toast'...have a good nap.

    And for good, smooth skin complexion....drink lots of soya drink. Can get them at your local supermarket. You mentioned 'protein'...one way getting it is drinking soya drinks..check it out re soya. They're cheap too.

    Exercise, afternoon naps, soya drinks, bee pollen (preferably with Royal jelly)...one glass of ice coffee and four plain donuts says you will feel different, for the better I mean in 2, 3 weeks.
    Will have to introduce a Rose to you then, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  12. Hey HNWM!
    I recently started walking approx 3 miles per day. I drive 1,000 miles per week, get migranes,bad knees, 46 years old, bad back, bulging disc in neck, and to top it all off~ gained 20 lbs in the past year.

    I look like hell warmed over. My husband (who is 5 yrs younger) exercises and works out daily. Looks great. I made a decision to start walking. I can't job and I live on 25 acres which is exactly 1 mile in circumference.

    I have been doing this for over a week now. I can't believe how easy it is for me. I can do 2 miles in 30 minutes. I started carrying two 5lb weights to exercise my arms and shoulders.

    My back feels more aligned. I do have more energy. I just feel better.

    Why do we wait until we are over 30 years old to want to feel better? I wish I always had be exercising.

    Great blog. I see your name on almost every site I visit!!

    your famous! hehehehe

  13. I hope your right!

    I have worried that the few extra pounds I have put on as I have aged might me plumping up hidden wrinkles. I keep joking that when I lose the extra pounds I put on over the winter I may find that I have wrinkles I did not know about. LOL

  14. I love your Blog!!! I am a health nut also...and a young mom :) I have been working out now for awhile...and you are totally right...My energy levels are very high, and I feel great. I didn't know it helps with the skin...good input.

  15. I am so lazy when it comes to exercise, I am so on again off again but now with aging I will have to get off my backside and just do it. Your articles give my incentive...Thank you, I always enjoy your posts.

  16. I have found that those times I am more active and exercise regularly I really do feel younger and more vital. I just wish that translated into more hair. =0)

  17. I love to excercise...I do this every morning and it makes me feel good all day...

  18. Great post Heidi...my grandfather started exercising when he retired from work at the age of 60. He continued until he was 89/90 and he looked/felt far younger than his years...when he stopped the deterioration became evident withing a year...he is now 97...I strongly feel being physically fit contributed to his long healthy life!!!

    He was my motivation to begin exercising...he is all the proof I need that lack of exercising is a huge contributing factor in premature ageing...

    Thanks for stopping by while I was away...I had a great weekend...but now back to work...:0)
    Enjoy your day

  19. This is a great post! I'm going on a young 48 and even with health issues, I feel absolutely wonderful when I exercise. It's good for you inside and out - its a great mood lifter :)

    My favorite is swimming and pool workouts. Not only am I working my body, but I get to enjoy the fresh air (with plenty of sunblock!)

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to each and every post!

    Happy day to you!
    ☼ Rocki

  20. The weather is just so beautiful right now it is hard to get into the gym! :( But beautiful hot weather means less clothes which equals go to the gym so you look good girl!! Thanks for this post I need as many reasons as I can get to get my booty into the gym. :)

  21. Great post! Mostly, I walk and SCUBA dive and do try to do the weights twice weekly. I've got a blog that is similar, tell me what you think: www.reap-a-destiny.com

  22. I love this blog entry. I'm headed to my 20-year high school reunion in August. I swear it is the exercise that has me still feeling 18 and looking 25....

  23. Ohhh yesssssss, Thanks for this tip, I am in my 40's and look little old (say looks like 50's), so, I have to do exercise. I just realized it when I read this post. Thanks to wake up me from long and careless sleeping about my health and strong body.....


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