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Unlock Your Strength: 100 Keys To Improving Your Workouts And Your Life

You Are Going To Thank Me For This!

For those of you who read my blog you know that when I find something that has really helped me and that I love, I naturally want to share it with you. Recently I found the ebook- Unlock Your Strength: 100 Keys To Improving Your Workouts And Your Life by Christopher Warden. C.S.C.S and Eugene Thong, C.S.C.S. -fitness professionals extraordinaire (they share a combined 15 years of client training experience).

I am all about anything that will improve my life and my workouts (sometimes they can be so hard-enough complaining) so when I saw this I ordered it and hoped that I would find some tips to use in my everyday life. I was so surprised and excited because sometimes I find it hard to focus on all the information in the health, nutrition, fitness and self-help (I could probably use more of these) books that I purchase. Unlock Your Strength had me from page one. It is written in an easy to read format-Tip, then picture so you can easily focus. The tips are easy to include in your day to day life, I understood what the authors were talking about and did not in the least feel overwhelmed. I was amazed at how quickly I read through it and how much I was able to get out of this book in the short time it took me to read it. I love to read but I have to be interested, I cannot stand being bored or overwhelmed and Unlock Your Strength kept me mesmerized. I was excited after reading it because I had several ah hah moments that I have since incorporated into my life. Another great thing I liked about this book was the realistic tone it had (you know- nothing too technical but real tips for real people) to it. The authors are both fitness experts who have trained hundreds of people just like you and me so they know what people want and need to know to get in shape and stay in shape. There are tips on fitness, exercise, lifestyle and more, along with pictures. The best part of this is that you can download 25 keys of the Unlock Your Strength book for FREE (I love free). There are no strings attached-you can just download the following link and part of the book is yours.

Try Before You Buy! FREE Download of 25 Keys to Unlock Your Strength

Just A Few Of My Favorite Tips From Unlock Your Strength

**Key #100-Be content, because things will never be perfect- I don't know about you but I always want things to be perfect and when they are not (which is pretty much all the time)then I wind up feeling like I did something wrong so this one really helped me. "One should always strive for perfection, but should not be despondent if it isn't reached. Ideal form is just that; an ideal to be strived for. But realize that if one is working hard enough, ideal form certainly cannot be maintained. But in striving to maintain perfect form, a trainee will certainly utilize form that is "good enough." The key point is that you tried. One will almost never be satisfied with one's body; even supermodels and bodybuilders have hang ups over certain areas of their bodies that they are unhappy with. But that doesn't mean all their hard work was for naught. On the contrary, they benefited from the journey itself. The key point is that they tried. The steps one takes towards perfection are the most important aspect of the journey - and the most rewarding. Recognize that by taking the steps, by trying, you are improving who you are. By all means, "chase the rainbow", but be content with your progress every step of the way." (Do supermodels really have hang-ups? That would make me feel a little better about my library of hang-ups).

**Key #15-Perform the most physically demanding exercises first-Some days I don't want to perform any exercises but this tip really helped me because by doing the tough ones first I don't dread the rest (I know, I know, I should be bursting with excitement at exercising and most days I am but other days I would rather jump in a pool of quicksand-it would be so much easier to be swallowed up). "Generally speaking, exercises that involve multi-joint movement, total body integration or high neuromuscular effort are best performed early in the workout, when you're the most alert, fresh and focused. Doing so increases the probability that you’ll generate maximal power and strength while reducing your chance for injury."

**Key #24-Eat food, not powder-"Whole, raw foods are best for you in just about all cases. Recently, manufactured fats like those found in margarine have been proven far more deleterious to your health than the saturated fat found in butter (which actually helps you absorb vitamins and nutrients from foods, especially veggies). Similarly, we get the majority of the benefit from foods if we leave them whole. An egg without the yolk may have no cholesterol, but also no lutein, and less than half the protein! If foods provided by nature were really so bad for us, wouldn’t the human race (and all other animal species, for that matter) have died off by now?"

**Key #26-Time your feedings around the workout-Three is nothing more uncomfortable than being full while exercising. Once I went to the Chinese buffet with my friend Tai (I don't know what I was thinking) right before the gym. It was about 6 years ago and it was such an awful feeling that I still remember it to this day. "A meal should be consumed no sooner than 1.5 hours prior to a workout – 3 hours is better. In order to digest your food, your body utilizes large amounts of blood in and around the organs of the gut. This blood will be unavailable to feed your muscles during your workout. In addition, exercising with a full stomach may cause you to feel queasy and/or regurgitate, especially if your workout is performed with a high degree of effort. Not only is sloshing around with a full stomach an unpleasant sensation, it will distract you from giving your full attention and effort to your exercise. Save the steak for after the workout."

**Key #14-Reduce the amount of processed carbohydrates/refined sugars in your
This one took me by surprise but I feel so much better now having done it! "Let’s make one thing clear -- carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet. After all, the end product of
carbohydrate metabolism, glucose, is the primary fuel for our nerve cells. Carbohydrates are not the enemy; it's the source of the ingested carbs that can create problems. Your body prefers complex carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes; they provide a nutrient dense fuel source that is gradually metabolized to produce stable blood sugar levels. Refined sugars, on the other hand, have very little nutritional value. Furthermore, long-term effects of excessive sugar consumption include increased fat storage, heart disease, bone loss and chronic fatigue. Steer clear of simple sugars and you'll do more for yourself than simply improve your workouts -- you'll improve your health."

"This is more than a mere book of exercise tips. It's a collection of wisdom gleaned from countless hours of research and client contact. It's a mash-up of strategies and concepts that unlock your inner excellence. It's that little voice in your head that tells you to stop eating when you're full, to rest when you're tired, and to pick the bar up that one last time, no matter how badly you want to give up. It also happens to be about exercise and nutrition. Explore this book and expand your possibilities.

Go download the free sample book you have nothing to lose. Just click on the link above and it will take you straight to the book (you don't even have to enter your email-just some great information by two guys who know what they are talking about). Don't take my word for it-go see for yourself. Also, pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested in some tried and true tips. You can just copy and paste the above free download link into an email and send to others who might be interested.


P.S. You can contact Christopher Warden one of the co-authors at christopher@christopher warden.com or here and please check out his blog The Fitness Philosopher (I'm addicted to reading it). Keep in mind that I do not make any kind of commission from telling you about this ( I am always suspicious of people who recommend things that they get paid for). I just thought it could be helpful to health nuts and health nut wannabe's like me!


David Tamayo said...
"One should always strive for perfection, but should not be despondent if it isn't reached." Boy this sounds familiar. =) I agree with what you said, so here it goes.......Thank You. =)
Red said...
Thanks for the heads up, the next time I am at the book store I will be giving this book a look see!
Also thank you for stopping by and for the kind comment.
GetSmartGal said...
Great post - Its crazy I love to workout when I am doing it but I have to practically force myself to do it. Some great tips thanks for sharing!
Nancy Ellyn said...
Always find valuable info on your blog, girlfriend! You look beautiful in your new pictures, btw!
BillyWarhol said...
Thank U for Improving my Sex Life + Stamina by over 110%!!!

Another Satisfied Customer*******

But Wait there's More!!

You have some interesting things on your blog page Heidi. It make one think a lot before you put any old junk in your stomach. There is nothing like taking the time to take care of your body and mind first.
Sherer said...
Looks like a good book! Thanks for the post. I like tip 100. Thank you again
Anonymous said...
thank you for taking the time to type these out!!

Anonymous said...
Thanks Heidi, looks like a great read!
ssgreylord said...
You're always full of such helpful, interesting information. Even for the lazy couch potatoes, how can they not get motivated when they come across your blog while eating a piece of Dominos. You'd convert just about anyone to a healthnutwannabee.
Wendy said...
Lots of good, common sense advice. Great post; I'll have to check out that free download!
Anonymous said...

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Sugarloaf said...
Thanks for sharing this!! I'll have to look for this book.
Soge shirts said...
Great tips Heidi as always. Sounds like a fantastic book.
Denis Kanygin said...
very useful!

A thing that I would add - listen to your body. It is a good habit to get into,especially if you are working out hard.

Will prevent many injuries.

Denis Kanygin


Anonymous said...
Thanks for the freebie Heidi. The ebook looks really well presented and I like how there are images and quotes on every page to break up the content. The tips are fantastic as well. Especially the one about persistence. I find that taking time off from training is one of the things that makes me lose my motivation and seriously hinders my progress.
Anonymous said...
Wow, thanks for a post about fitness and the refernce to other fitness blog too, it is so sweet of you Heidi,
-Lawrence (Herbs Cure)

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