Love Your Pet- It's Good For Your Health !

If you ever have had or currently are lucky enough to be a guardian of a pet ,you probably understand the wonderful calming affect a pet can have on you (unless you come home and find your chair and love seat completely eaten like I have in the past-it can be a bit stressful). After a long day there is nothing better than relaxing with my dogs and cats. Just their presence is calming to me and if I am really upset there is nothing that can calm me down better than a few minutes of snuggling with my cat Baby Jaap. I could not imagine a life without animals as their humorous antics, intriguing habits and unconditional love make my life so complete and enjoyable. Don't just take my word for it-read on.

Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

**More and more studies are beginning to show evidence that children who live in homes with animals that have fur (cat, dog, guinea pig,etc) and large animals are less at risk for allergies, eczema (skin rash condition) and asthma. There is also some discussion that children in those homes may have stronger immune system activation.

Heart attack patients who have pets survive longer than those without, according to several studies.

**People with pets actually make fewer doctor visits, especially for non-serious medical conditions.
**Pets help fight depression and loneliness-The antics of animals at play keep you lighthearted. The presence of a dog prompts the daily walk you otherwise might postpone. Having a cat means regular exposure to contented purring, with its guaranteed-to-be calming effect on your psyche. Furry critters encourage life-critical social interactions and feeding and grooming routines offer structure and purpose to a life lived alone. More here.

**Pets can help lower your blood pressure-Dr. Karen Allen, a researcher at the State
University of New York at Buffalo, showed that people with hypertension who adopted a dog
had lower blood pressure readings in stressful situations than did those who did not own a pet.

**Dr. Meredith Wells, an assistant professor of psychology at Eastern Kentucky
University, surveyed businesses that allow pets in the workplace and found that
employees believe that the animals reduce stress and improve their mental and
physical health. More here.

**Pets promote social interaction, decrease the feeling of loneliness and isolation,
and increase morale and optimism.

**Pets satisfy the need for touch and to be touched, and give nonjudgmental
warmth and affection.

**Pets encourage playfulness, exercise, and laughter.

I would like to also point out that a pet is a responsibility and getting one is not to be taken lightly. Taking care of an animal is a lifelong commitment so if you are not in it for the long haul I do not recommend a pet for you (animal shelters are full of wonderful abandoned pets so please be responsible). If you are looking for a pet I highly recommend adopting one from an animal shelter. All my animals are from shelters (or they just showed up) and I really believe that they know you saved them. Shelter pets are wonderful and you save a life.

Go hug your pet-you'll feel better!


  1. I sure knew that pets were invaluable due to their unconditional love.. But they have health benefits too.. pretty amazing.. nice find and good article..

  2. Thanks for visiting my site. I agree, pets do provide a calming affect. My girlfriend loves animals (so do I)and she has four cats and one dog. Anyhow, thanks for sharing! I'm off to bed.

  3. I really enjoyed this story. I hope more and more people will see the benefits of having a pet. And there are great pets in shelters everywhere just waiting for a Forever home.

  4. Heidi, this was a wonderful post and you are so right. I see the effects my cats have on me, they got me more calm indeed. Thank you for the great post!

  5. my bullmastiff is my best medicine.

  6. The picture of the huge dog loving on the tiny kitten warms my heart. Think I'll go hug my puppy for a few minutes.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog!!!

    Yours is really nice too and some of your pictures are just so cute!!!


  8. I know my cats relieve my stress considerably when I get home from work. Nice Post

  9. Yeah you are right... I love animals. In fact my son has a special relationship to animals. We went to vistit my sister she has a dog after we left the dog was depressed and would not even walk to go out side for a potty sister said she had to pick her up and take her out because she refused to walk and would hardly eat anything. I think his is going to be a vet... Such a loving hear...animals always offer up the love no matter what you do and they never hold a grugde...

  10. I don't have any pets, but after reading your article I am thinking of getting one. I really like your blog and believe you to be an excellent writer. Would you do me the honor of allowing me to post a link to your site in my favorite websites section of my Blog Living Infinitely? I think my readers would really enjoy a blog like yours

  11. I have a dog and I don't know what I would do without him. He brings such joy to my life. Each day when I get home from work he is so thrilled to see me.

  12. As many pets as we have, I'll live to 110 then. :)


  13. I have to convince my landlord to let us have one. I want another cat or dog the way some people want another child. And my animal loving kids are just as bad!

    Right now all we can have are caged animals...s we have two degus. Love, love, love them!! They're like rat-sized chinchillas and they make the cutest noises.

  14. The feeling of someone close to you, loving you incondicionaly is priceless, animals can get so close to you because they cannot talk but their soul speaks for them and talks with yours, Great post, I loved it. :)

  15. I have had pets for years and agree they help reduce stress, provide companionship and are just plain fun to have around! I was not aware of most of the health benefits you mentioned. Thanks for bringing these additional benefits of pet ownership to our attention!

  16. This is a great post! Pets, especially dogs, are easy to love because of their unconditional love for you.

    I remember an old joke that shows you how to prove the existence of this unconditional love, and test the unconditional love of your spouse... Lock your spouse and your dog in the trunk of your car. Come back 6 hours later to let them out and see who is happiest to see you.

  17. Heidi, what a coincidence. I just wrote a light-hearted blog today about dogs. And then I came here and smiled at your more serious approach with the health benefits. You brought up so many good points... well-researched as always. I look forward to reading your blogs each day.

    P.S. Is that your German Shepherd? Beautiful. But I'm biased. Ours is named Celina and is already 5 years-old.

  18. I absolutely agree with this. A cuddle with one of my cats is very calming. Years ago I had a life threatening illness and my cat never left my side. She seemed to know that something was wrong and she mothered me. It was very comforting and helped me to be less scared. I can't imagine my life without a kitty.

  19. Yeah BUBS is thee only one Sane in this Family*

    thank Heavens for him*

    He is a very Feel Good Calming Positive Influence + Bringer of Joy*

    + Smiles*

    ;)) Peace*

  20. I wanted to add that, beyond just preventing allergies, asthma, etc in children, I had a friend come live in our house (where we have 2 dogs and 2 cats) and, even though she had asthma and allergies when first arriving, after half a year living with the animals her allergies have more or less disappeared and her asthma is practically a non-issue. Between that and the climate change she's become much healthier as well. Hurray for pets!

  21. Both my kitties are rescues....I love all fur babies!

  22. Couldn't live without my cats! They provide so much love and laughter to our family!

    And apparently, cat owners are less likely to die of heart disease! Not that that's why I have mine, LOL!

    Actually, I was mildly allergic to cats as a child, but being born a cat person, nobody was stopping me from having one and even sleeping with her, even though I woke up sneezing every morning.

    As an adult... cats no longer make me sneeze.

  23. Mum likes to tease me and say I changed her life - and it was for the better! Us pups (and the kitties too) can really make your life better, I'm living proof!

    Thanks for stopping by my Raise A Green Dog Blog! Hope you found the info helpful.

    Woofs, Johann

  24. I have OCD when it comes to cats. At this very moment, I have 8 of them living at my house. 3 are my daughter's, though, and they will be going with her when she moves into her own place very soon.

    I also have a dog, 2 guinea pigs and a hamster. Oh, yes, and 2 fish.

    I am a total believer in how beneficial having a pet can be both physically and emotionally. Mine have gotten me through some of the hardest times of my adult life.


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