Vitamins A, C and E are 'a waste of time and may even shorten your life'

Vitamin users-are you ready for a surprise?

According to a new report out of Great Britain Vitamins taken by around a third of the population do not extend life and may even cause premature death, according to a respected group of international scientists.
After reviewing 67 studies involving more than 230,000 men and women, the experts say there is no convincing evidence that taking supplements of the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E can make you healthier. It says in-depth analysis of the different trials does not support the idea that vitamins extend lifespan.
'Even more, beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E seem to increase mortality,' says the review. Vitamin A was linked to a 16 per cent increase in mortality, beta-carotene - the pigment found in carrots, tomatoes and broccoli which the body converts into vitamin A - to a 7 per cent increase and vitamin E to a 4 per cent increase. However, there was no significant detrimental effect caused by vitamin C. Read more here.
What next? Everyday I find out something new about things that I thought were healthy only to learn they are actually not good for me. This is okay though, because I can share this information with you and find healthy solutions for us all. It's a health jungle out there.

I used to take synthetic multi-vitamins myself until I did a little research and discovered the Pops Whole food supplements by Whole Food Nation. I am not trying to beat you over the head with this (okay, I know I am anyway and am currently obsessed with this offer) but Whole Food Nation is offering a free one month supply of their Whole Food Supplements for your synthetic multi-vitamins. I am not pushing this for my own benefit (I am not making any commission on you trading your multi-vitamins for the free whole food supplements). I just think it is an opportunity for those of you who really care about your health and already take a multi-vitamin to see what you think of these whole food supplements (I am now sounding like my mother). Check here to see if your vitamins are synthetic. Okay, that's it. No more vitamin posts for awhile, I promise. Actually, tomorrow I am going to let you know about a neat contest that will help you get backlinks to your blog from Mcneri's Mcweb and what health hazards have convinced me to not get a new microwave (mine blew up this weekend and it was not pretty). I don't think this will go over well with my family so I will probably have to get a microwave and personally not use it (very tough). This is a hard one because I LOVE my microwave. Till tomorrow!


P.S. Email me and let me know you are ready to do the multi-vitamin trade away (see previous post) and I will let you know where to send your current multi-vitamin and a link to give you information on whether you would like the purple or green whole food supplements in exchange. No more nagging from me.



  1. Hi Heidi, it sounds like you really are liking your Pops vitamins, thanks for all of your info on them! :)

  2. Namaste' Heidi, I think it has to do with a multitude of different factors, I lean heavily towards genetics. With other facors coming in after the fact.

    I have known worse health nuts than me that have died at an early age, knew a marathon runner who despite everything he did in a health conscious way including the extra vitamin boost, die at an early age.

    I knew a man whose staple foods I kid you not were apple pie, and ice cream, he was born in 1911 and died just 3 years ago!! he was riding his harley davidson motorcycle till he was in his late eighties on huge trips into the states.

    He did not get any vitamin supplements as a kid due to the era he was born in, and in a poor little shack with 9 other brothers and sisters, they had bacon fat and eggs for breakfast. and as an adult still didn't take anything extra yet lived a very long life.

    It is hard to keep up with all the *latest* greatest* studies, I do just what works for me, and what I know to be more factual and proven over time.

    I'll tell you a quick funny story, when I was 13 I thought using more vit A. would help prevent pimples. But knowing Vit. A was fat soluble and taking too much was a definite no no, I opted instead for taking beta carotene, just seemed less uhm at the time less threatening to take of the two. hahahaha.

    OH heavens well somneone should have told this kid you could actually turn orange, and orange I did indeed turn! OH MY HEAVENS!! I would take a pimple anyday over that!

    sorry I have not been over sooner, I love a hectic crazy life, and try to get to some great blogs/reading when I get some free moments. Metta.


  3. There is always two sides to a story. This group looked at 815 studies and "cherry picked" the 67 studies that suited their predetermined conclusion. That is 91% of all the available studies.Not good science. They also included "all cause mortality" in their study. This means that dying of cancer and/or dying in a car wreck were both attributed to taking vitamins. Silly.

    This is not the first time that the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies have tried to use scare tactics to discredit nutritional supplements and it will not be the last. Vitamin E (used alone) changes from an antioxidant to an oxidant if not taken in balance with other antioxidants like vitamin C. Vitamins are synergistic in that they can help to regenerate one another and stay in the blood stream longer without oxidizing and developing harmful free radicals.
    Here are some other posts that talk about this.

    Vitamins Found To Be Risky And Impotent

    Vitamin Studies: Rebuttal to Allegation That Certain Vitamins May Shorten Lifespan

    Rebuttal to the Recent FLAWED Report that Antioxidants Shorten Lifespan

  4. You look great Heidi! Vitamins are so important and it seems to supply satisfy the lack of antioxidants and nutrients we miss from not eating enough fruit and fiber.. You seem to take really good care of yourself and it shows! Love you site..

  5. Thanks, Jeff, for posting the rebuttal to this article. You saved me the time and effort.

    I had read the original article too and also the rebuttals and was just getting ready to jump on my soapbox when I read your post.

  6. I don't know what to believe about vitamins anymore but I found this article interesting nonetheless. You just got a stumble from me (sonofgrace on stumbleupon)

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and the additional posts. It does seem to be a controversial subject so I am glad for all the information!
    Best, Heidi

  8. Ok so I was told by someone the other day that there was a study that found vitamins in the livers of some elderly folks after they had passed. So... does that mean they just don't break down and out livers can't handle them? I am all about taking supplements, but I always assumed they were all organic.

    I was also told that if you're eating a balanced diet that you don't really need them as much. Every other day or so. What do you think?


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