Healthy Doggie Cookies With A Cause And Help Gunner The Dog Get Surgery

Once in awhile I feel the need to blog about a cause that is close to my heart-today is one of those days. I am a vegetarian and avid animal rescuer and everyday (literally) I receive emails asking for help finding homes for abandoned animals that are in abusive situations or are in high kill shelters and going to be killed for no reason other than some irresponsible person didn't want to deal with them anymore or take the time to spay/neuter (I'm sorry I do get a bit heated-this is my passion). I do what I can, as do many of the rescue groups and selfless people I meet involved in animal rescue but there are always more animals that need help. It never, never ends. I know tomorrow I will open my email and find several pleas for help (I belong to a yahoo group of rescuers and shelters that receive these emails-we are working together to save as many animals as we can). So, I wanted to highlight a site that has some incredible doggie cookies that are healthy and human grade. Doreen the maker of these incredible dog cookies donates a percentage of her sales to help homeless animals . She believes in giving the best to your pets. Whether it’s in your dog’s food or in their treats. Either way, they are 100% human grade. What does that mean? It means that the food she feeds her dogs is made from the protein that is graded good for humans too. Generally, in dog food, the meat that is discarded for humans, gets turned into our pets food. She has decided, that’s not good enough for your “kids” . She won't let her dogs eat anything that she won't eat and in fact her dog Lucy stopped having seizures once she switched her food over to human grade. Her treats are wheat and corn free and extremely reasonably priced. I would like to commend Doreen for not only thinking of her animals health but for making it available to all of us AND donating a percentage to help abandoned animals (I don't think people in animal rescue ever make a dime because they spend it all on the animals). Let her help give your special kiddo a healthy treat. Low in fat, high in fiber, great in nutrition. They’ll beg you for more! Please visit her site here and get your favorite pooch a healthy treat while helping those who cannot help themselves.

Gunner The Dog Needs Medical Care
Here he is...Gunner, a real trooper! This guy has literally been to hell and back. He's about 4 months old, has lived most of his life in a crate and after being fed horse wormer and suffering a prolapsed rectum, he is recovering nicely with a foster family. His foster mom, Lillian and foster sisters, Star, Luna and Dolly are teaching him how to share, play and love. What a great environment to recover in after going through such an ordeal. Here's what happened: A tiny Pit Bull boy was rescued from a BYB and this is how he was found... His tiny bottom had his rectum hanging out. This little boy has been fed horse wormer every week for the last several months because his previous owner would not properly take care of him or any of the other dogs he currently has. He only gave this boy up because he knows this little thing is destined to DIE if untreated and no one was willing to treat him....his foster mom is not willing to let this baby die.. she is pleading for his life and medical care...

They are taking donations through paypal and even $10.00 can help. They only have $181.00 left to go to cover his medical costs and if they don't reach their goal all the money goes back to the donors (not sure why).

If you would like to help please click here to donate and read the full story on Gunner. Anyone who does make a donation towards Gunner's care please let me know and I will add you to my favorite links list and do a free review of your site on Health Nut Wannabe Mom as well as publicly thank you on this blog (and love you forever:) ).

I really don't like to ask for help but when it comes to the animals sometimes I feel like it couldn't hurt. Tomorrow I will be back to my normal self (whatever that means) and have some great health tips for you.

To you and the animals!



  1. Absolutely, I agree with Doreen that (pet)animals should be feed with the same food as what is eaten by humans. More power to you and your group.


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