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Can it be??? Foods that help you quit smoking!!

Wow! Today, I was taking a bit of time as usual to become more informed on my health and wellness and came across this article about foods that help you quit smoking. I have personally never smoked as I had an embarrassing introduction to cigarettes in tenth grade at the local Pizza Hut in front of a guy I liked and that was it for me. Spitting water on the object of your affection while coughing to death from the cigarrette smoke at the same time is enough to turn one off (both of us apparently). Never again.

Below is the article that I found on http://www.guideforbetterhealth.com/health-fitness/quit-smoking/foods-that-help-you-stop-smoking/.

If you have tried patches or anti-smoking medications, but still can’t stop smoking, maybe it is time to experiment with specific foods to help quit smoking.
Yes, there are foods proven to help when you’re trying to stop smoking.
However, there are also foods like coffee, alcohol and meat that make cigarettes taste better.
So you should also avoid these foods because they can serve as a trigger to smoke again once you quit.
Foods that make cigarettes taste worse include dairy products, water, juice, fruits, and vegetables.
The good thing is that these foods are all considered healthy and low in calories.
You should also include exercise as it can help smokers ward off cravings for cigarettes.

What do you think??


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