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Having Trouble With Entrecard Drops-Sorry

I just wanted to let all you entrecard droppers know that for some reason I have been having a hard time with my entrecard drops. It seems like it takes a couple minutes to drop on even one card (I do tend to exaggerate but this time it really is about 1-2 minutes) so I am not getting my drops in. I am trying and will continue to do so but didn't want my regular droppers to think I had stopped dropping. Is anyone else having troubles or is it just me? Sorry and I hope to get back to dropping soon!


Anonymous said...
I was thinking the same thing - Entrecard has been acting a little wack-a-do tonight!
Rachel said...
Luckily mine has been okay, if it goes slow I tend to find that a reboot helps - sometimes it does crash my system if I have too many sites open at once.
Nancy Ellyn said...
I don't even understand it yet, Heidi! LOL Just discovered this little widget today!
Bryan said...
It's not just you... I had major problems last night too. It seems to be better now.
Liza said...
youe not the only one heidi. i almost fell asleep waiting for "drop" to appear.

have a blessed weekend.
It's a nightmare, Heidi!! I know exactly what you mean. I wasn't able to do all of my drops yesterday, either. Eventually, I just gave up... it was stressing me out! lol

Hope they hurry up and fix whatever is broken!
I'v been having the same trouble. Some times entrecard just 'hangs' - other times it can take a couple of minutes to register.
Doris said...
I thought it might just be happening to me, but it must be something we're all experiencing. Yesterday I was only able to drop in and read about half the blogs I normally do.

Politi Gal said...
It is a little crazy isn't it? They've been making so many changes lately.
Last night the "Campaign" button was retitled "Browse" for about an hour (during which time I wasn't able to log in). I suspect they're performing some fundamental reworks of the interface.
I've taken a deep breath, centered myself (ohm...ohm) and handed my frustration over to the universe to deal with, cause there's nuthin' I can do at this point except wait:)
Robin said...
Hi Heidi,
I am also having trouble with dropping cards. Entrecard is having problems. They are becoming more popular and have a lot of bloggers now in their system. They are trying to fix it. Have a nice weekend with your family! :-)
ssgreylord said...
must've have been frustrating...looks like they're working on it though. hang in there, girlfriend!
Rich Dansereau said...
It has been acting up for a couple of days. It has been much better for me today though.
Da Old Man said...
It's been wonky for a few days. Sometime this afternoon they seem to have fixed it, finally.
betchai said...
it is not only you heidi, 2 nights ago, i could not even go to my inbox or dashboard, then, last night, it took me a long time to drop in each site. today seems better though.
colin Immelman said...
HI Heidi, I got a mail from entrecard saying that they are having problems with the capacity of ppl on their database, so yes, you are not the only one.
Kind regards.
ps. Thanks for visiting my site, really appreciate your, you are welcome at all times.
Polly said...
Heidi - it has been pretty dreadful for all of us trying to drop of late. I was trying to drop for both myself and my son's blog. I noticed a strange thing whilst doing so. Firefox3 wasn't working at all - but with my son's blog I use Google Chrome and I found out just by fluke that whilst the rest of Entrecard was dead - access through Chrome pulled up blogs with the drop sign on. Why this happened, heavens knows.

Entrecard did send emails through very late last night apologising and saying that there would be a further 'outage' for approximately two hours.

I think it's just one of those things but very frustrating especially when you allocate a certain time for doing your drops! :)
Empty Streets said...
it's working alright now :) been catching and making up for the lost time now too :) hope your day has been just as fruitful. :)
john b said...
They are still having problems on and off. Frustrating!
:-) MaryLou said...
It seems to be working now.

And I just tagged you on my blog. I always love reading your posts, so now we can find out more about you.
foongpc said...
It's the same here with me. Could not even log into Entrecard website. So sorry cannot do any drops today.
Liza said...
hello heidi! i just want to wish you a great week ahead.

take care.

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