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Nothing About Health But What Is Going On With Me-I Have A Job

I wanted to update everyone on what will be going on with Healthnutwannabemom's blog. I have had several very positive changes happen recently so I am sad to say that I will only be able to post 2-3 times a week now. In an effort to catch up on all our bills and try to get ahead I have decided to go back to work ( I am a little nervous as I have been a stay at home mom for 6 years now). I am going to be working at Macy's and as a Provider Relations Consultant (ooohhhh I love that title) at a private managed health care provider. I originally was only going to take a small part time job at Macy's but then things kind of fell in my lap with this other job and it is a phenomenal opportunity with a great company and great people.

My mother is going to watch my girls while I work my day job (it is only 24 hours a week ) and my husband will watch our girls while I work my night/weekend job so my girls will be with family and no daycare which was my hesitation (nothing wrong with daycare I just prefer my mom and husband). I am excited to be working and earning money again (feels good to see my name on a check!) but a little nervous about everything.

I am sure that I will have lots of interesting new posts about health/dieting while in a new environment and some great tips (I better b/c I have to figure it all out). I of course have some anxiety of what am I doing? Have I lost my mind? What if I can't figure it all out? I always get this way before I start something new but then things always work out so I understand these are just jitters.

I love my blogging, commenting, receiving comments and visiting other blogs so I am going to fit all this in but for awhile it will be on a smaller scale (at least until I just have one job). Blogging is really very good for me as I feel so connected and have met so many wonderful friends/bloggers. So, I am not going away just going to be trying to fit it all in. Wish me luck!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


*lynne* said...
congrats on the jobS! all the best getting back into the swing of things :)
Sogeshirtsguy said...
Double congrats Heidi on both jobs. I might have to pick up a part time job as well pretty soon and I'm a bit nervous about that as well so I now how you feel. The first week is the toughest but then after that you get everything down.
Congratualtions! It is a good move, and as you wrote, it will end of being GOOD!
foongpc said...
Congrats & good luck on your new job! I'm sure once you've adapted to the new job environment, you will get back to your usual blogging routine. It's OK to blog less cos life is not all about blogging! I only post like, 3 new posts a week and I'm not able to drop 300 entrecards like some people do, sorry about that, but I've got a life! : )
As long as you continue to blog every week, it's fine with me!
John said...
Congrats. I'm sure that you'll make it all work quite well. I've enjoyed reading your posts and get notification via Google Reader whenever you post.

Best wishes,
good for you congrats we understand why you have to work times like this we really need to work harder for our families good luck to your new job i hope you have a blast! take care
Pam said...
Good luck on your new jobs! It's natural to be nervous about beginning something new, and I can't imagine starting two new jobs at the same time! But, you'll be great!
Jacqueline said...
Congrats Heidi,
Anyone who comes across as warm, genuine and smart as you through blogging will have no problems accomplishing anything that comes your way. We'll miss your posts on a regular basis, but everyone must GROW. :-) Have fun!
I think working moms are some of the hardest and nicest people to work with...they just are. They have excellent work/life balance which automatically makes a better employee.
Good to hear your Mom's looking after your kids so you won't need to worry about them.

You will be fine
Lidian said...
Congrats on the jobs, that sounds fabulous!
gLoR!e said...
Congratulation on your new job! I know you can do it smoothly. It is just on the first-3 hours or a day adjustment I guess. and I'm gonna miss you here!:) I know you are physically absent here but mentally present to think on us..heheh!:)

Go girl..you can do it!:)

Enjoy the weekend!:)
Mrs. Mecomber said...
Congratulations on the new job! I know you'll be a smashing success. Your frequent posts will be missed. I love all the information you write, as I am trying to live healthier, too. I'm glad for you, that you're able to have family care for your girls. :) God bless you in your new venture!
Rogue said...
i got a job too after arriving in this country for 2 months..it is very part time though...3 hours a day but it is very good, i like it and pays good and fixed monthly.. congratulations to you. i start on monday. ^^
betchai said...
wow, congrats on your new job Heidi. I am happy for you, I wish you very well on your new job too, I am positive you'll do well.

about blogging, i believe you can balance it too, maybe not just posting everyday. i too have full time job, yet i still blog :) it is nice, like what you said, for blogging allows us to meet a lot of people we may have not met and allow us to also learn a lot we may have not learned. And allows us to share the experiences of others we may have not experienced.

again, wish you very well on your new job.
BeadedTail said...
Congratulations on your jobs! It sounds like a great opportunity for you and I'm wishing you all the best!
Liza said...
good for you heidi. good luck ;)
Lynne said...
Congratulations! Sounds very exciting! I have an interview on Monday for a part time work from home position. I'm not nervous about the interview, but am definitely nervous about the job. I know exactly how you feel!
Best of luck and I look forward to hearing about your endeavors.
Good luck, Heidi! Being in a new environment can be a great way to keep the creative juices flowing!
You do a great job here, and I'm sure that won't change a bit! ;)
ssgreylord said...
you go, girl. i know you'll be able to do it! they're both lucky to have you...
Da Old Man said...
Good luck in the jobs.
By the way, you are one of the recipients of yet ANOTHER Brillante Award from my blog!
Don't feel like you have to choose another 7 people or anything! Just relax and enjoy it! ;)
Good luck with your new jobs.
I'm sure you'll find the right mix of family, work, and blogging.:)

I wish you the best in all that you do.

Shelia said...
Congratulations and best of luck Heidi!

The internet isn't going anywhere, do what you have to do for your family first.

Take Care!
MizFit said...
Im excited for you!

change is good and you'll do great.

xo xo,

john b said...
Congrats and good luck Heidi! Balancing the work thing with family life and blogging can be tricky, but I'm sure you'll get it down in no time.
Polly said...
Congratulations on being accepted for your new job. It sounds really interesting and so I hope that you enjoy every moment of it.

Good Luck and may your first day be all that you would wish it to be.

Enjoy every moment. :)
Ria said...
CONGRATS HEIDI!!! Keep a lot of those "happy pills" cuz you'll need them! =)
MZaidee said...
Congratulation! Good Luck.
Swubird said...

Glad you are making positive changes to your life, however, sad that you have to work so hard. But that's where opportunities are to be found - among the things we have to work at. Unfortunately, nothing is easy. I'm surprised that you can post three times a week and till work so many hours.

I have tried to view your blog on a number of occasions, however, it always keep me out - a message reads for invited guests only. Is it your intention to have invited guests only to read your blog, or is this something you're not aware of? The only way I can access you site is by following a link from another site. Weird problem.

Happy trails.
Mike Foster said...
Best of luck, Heidi. If you apply the same energy, attitude, kindness, and knowledge to your new position as you do with this blog, then you should have no problems at all.

Is It Just Me?
congratulations, hope to read more of your blog
Congrats on the jobs!

I remember when I first started my business 5 years ago, I had to pick up a couple of part time jobs a few months into me running my business....talk about having to swallow my pride!

Having to go from enjoying working at home to going right back into the rat race was a little tough...but I got used to it really quick.

You got to do what you got to do.

Hey, maybe one day your blog will be able to support your family and then you and your husband won't have to work!

Good luck Heidi!

Avy (Conquerweightloss.com)
Best wishes in your new jobs Heidi...if you put the same effort into these jobs as you do your blog you will make an amazing employee!!!

I'll miss your visits but we all have to do what we have to do...that is why I stopped dropping EC's...

Hope you have fun while you work Heidi...
Cheers Heather
Rachel said...
Good Luck with the new job. I am sure it will all go okay for you, I can understand your nerves though.
Robin said...
Hi Heidi, Wishing you all the best on going back to work. Thanks for sharing this great news with us. Take care! :-)
Dori said...
Congrats on your new jobs. I understand your nervousness, but I am sure you will be fine. Please stop by my blog when you get the chance. I have an award for you.
Rocki said...
Great news & Congratulations Heidi!

I understand about the returning to the outside workforce - big difference! I'm sure you will adjust and sounds like you have a lot of help & support at home - good for you!

I will continue to be one of your blog fans :)
Flisha said...
That's great. Wish you all the best and hope to still see you blogging :)
LizzyT said...
Congratulations on getting a new job and good luck. You will soon settle into the new routine.
Kristen's Raw said...
Love the title of your blog.

Good luck with your new job and congrats!

Have a super week,
Congratulations on landing two great jobs! I'm sure everything will work out but I can understand your anxiety. Good luck! I'm sending positive thoughts your way. :)
AQ said...
Hey congrats on the new Job LOL from the post you actually sound verrrry excited he he

Six years is a long time so I feel for you when you say your a bit nervous, wow must be quite an experience, but Im sure you'll be able to handle it

Good luck
Author of Quit Smoking Blog
Caroline said...
Congrats! Sounds like a really great job...be sure to stop by when you have "down time"...
The Healthy Mom said...
Congratulations! I am also juggling work and my blog so I completely understand. Good luck with the new job! I would love to share with you how I am able to continue blogging part time while working 40 hours a week. Drop me an e mail and let me know how it's going!

sborg said...
Congratulations on your new endeavors. You will now have a new angle, combining healthy eating with life on the run! I look forward to hearing how you are using healthy eating to fuel your job energy :)
Lawerence said...
Congrats Heidi,

mmm, It is good share about your job....I am sure, You will get great success there too.

Punam said...
Heidi! Here's wishing you all the luck.. Have you started working? Is it good? As expected?
Mekhismom said...
Congratulations! I missed this post. I know it must be scary returning to work but I know you are doing great! How fortunate you are to have you mom to take care of the girls.

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