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An Apple A Day And You Will Be Saying Hooray! The Almighty Apple For Weight Loss And Health!

An Apple A Day........HOORAY!

I previously wrote an article on apples and all the benefits they provide to our bodies. Recently while flipping through my winter 2010 Oxygen fatloss magazine I saw an article titled. "Your #1 Fat Loss Secret" and you know I turned to that page immediately and lo and behold it was the almighty apple!

Apple, Apple, You Are The One For Me!

-A recent study published in Appetite found that people who got their calories from three apples a day versus three pears or oat cookies lost about two pounds after 10 weeks.

-A medium apple will fill you up as apples have approximately 80 calories and four grams of fiber. People currently enrolled in a large long-term weight-loss trial known as the calerie study, which is investigating whether calorie restriction can extend life span, have been getting thinner throughout the study. Their slimming strategy is to simply have an apple every day.

-Reduce your cholesterol with an apple-The soluble fiber found in apples can help to reduce your cholesterol!
-Less belly fat-Those who eat apples regularly are 21 percent less likely to have excess belly fat!

-Apple energy-Apples score low on the glycemic index at 39! The glycemic index is a measure of fast insulin is released after eating carbs. A result above 70 is high so at 39 the apple is a great choice!

I love apples but I just found even more reasons to love them!!! Think I will go grab one now!!

ref: Oxygen winter 2010 fat loss issue