Costa Rica Good For Your Health! Just Got Back To The Cold. Sigh

Just a quick catch up to say that I just returned from my beautiful Costa Rica two days ago and cannot wait to share pictures of my trip and to start writing lots of articles again.  For now I will share this amazing picture of me kissing a wild parrot that was sitting on a horse.  All in a normal day in Costa Rica:)


Chocolate, Wine And Cheetos Are Very Fine But Now It's A New Year So Time To Get In Line... Sigh

Here We Go Again....... New Year A New Me And Will I Really For Once Stay Healthy????

Every year I start out with such goals to eat healthy, exercise, get motivated, change this, change that but I have to be honest when it comes to New Year's resolutions I am a brat.  I love my wine, my dear sweet chocolate and all things carbs so I have learned to be honest with myself and boy do I hate that.  I am going to have my wine, my beloved chocolate and carbs but this year I swear I really do that I am going to do it in moderation ( I say this half heartedly because I know myself).  Now having said all this I do have a plan and I will share and do it as well as I can.

Today I am starting with boiled eggs and then scrambled eggs and I woke up thinking why oh why do I have to do this it makes me want to cry. I hate eggs and love pie but I suppose I can do this I am not going to die. The drama will be there and woe is me that I have to live a day or two eating healthily.  But alas I must because my jeans are to tight just this morning my favorite pair of pants and I got in fight.  So join me my on my journey to geriatric swimsuit woman galore and to finally be able to put on all those clothes I bought when I swore I will lose the weight and I will make it not a total bore.  I am getting back into the below swimsuit from the year before ! Let's do this!

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