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Quick And Natural Way To Fight Bloating! Fennel Tea Will Kick That Stored Water’s Booty!

Bloat, bloat, bloat makes me feel like a big boat. Okay that is a truly not cool rhyme (and probably saying the word “cool” is not cool but I’m no spring chicken and like my old days lingo) but being bloated really does make me feel huge and then the clothes get tight and that sets an entire chain reaction of woe is me. But really, if you are like me and have a little water weight to lose now and then below is a quick and easy fix without any pills.

Drink some fennel tea! To flush approximately 5lbs of water weight in 3 weeks sip 2 cups of fennel tea daily. Our bodies use stored water to keep cool but half of women hold on to too much. This is especially true in the summer-just in time for swimsuit season-ironic isn’t it.


betchai said...
i actually love your rhyme since it is so true, thanks so much for this information Heidi, I know, I am one of those who needed some flushing of water weight.
Unknown said...
Heidi, For people who are not keen on drinking fennel tea - the seeds may be chewed .. they can be lightly toasted and scattered onto salads or munched with other nuts and seeds as a snack or simply crunched on their own. Some people enjoy them scattered on top of porridge or other cereal breakfasts. Fennel seeds also help with minor digestive disorders. They are often best purchased in health stores where they are available quite cheaply in large plastic packets ... avoid those tiny little glass jars that are always over-priced!
Ayie said...
my lactation tea has fennel in it.... taht's great to know!

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