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Go UnDiet! Grab This Book! 50 Small Actions For Lasting Weight Loss!

I cannot tell you over the course of my life how many diets I have been on and tried. Actually I don’t remember the last time that I didn’t try a new diet or join in on the latest Hollywood weight loss craze (remember Jennifer Aniston and the baby food diet, or the Dukan Diet or the Master Cleanse that Beyonce supposedly did). Yes, I have tried them all with some success but only to gain weight once I hit the Cheetos and chocolate again. There is nothing worse than eating baby food all day (and I didn’t like it even when I was a baby) or drinking lemon water with molasses or whatever that was and gazing over while everyone else had a burrito just so I could somehow be miraculously perfectly thin overnight.

What I finally learned is that in order to maintain and lose weight I have to exercise (I LOVE running) and I have to eat healthy foods in the right way. I thought I pretty much had the eating healthy and weight loss all down (yes I know eating a family size bag of Cheetos and 20 mini fun size Snickers with some wine is not healthy) but I could not imagine that there was still so much to learn so when I was given a copy of Gloria Tsang’s book, Go UnDiet to review I was more than pleasantly surprised at all the small changes I could make for lasting health and yes of course being thin. Thank goodness the ideas and suggestions in this book are simple, easy and delicious and they sure beat eating only pineapple and papayas or boiled eggs for a week in another one of my crazy attempts at dieting.

Thinnity For Infininty Or Following the 50 Small Actions For Lasting Weight Loss in the book Go UnDiet

There are so many things about this book that I loved that I am not sure where to start! Gloria writes this book like she is in the room having a conversation with you and makes this an easy read without all the complicated mumbo jumbo that a lot of books have that makes readers like me want to toss the book in the river. As hard as it is to condense this book down (because as I said there are so many helpful lifetime actions) I picked out a few actions that are my favorites!
Just a Few of Heidi’s Favorite tips from the Go Undiet

-Bring on the beans-Gloria tells us that beans ARE vegetables and don’t have to be lumped in another food group and used as substitutes for meats or nuts! They are a great source of fiber and protein and the best part is they really make you feel full which will help you to skip the banana cream pie!

-Add color and carbs to your plate-All fruits and veggies are considered carbs. Carb foods actually have fewer calories by volume than any protein foods and one cup of veggies on your plate has at least five times fewer calories than an equal volume of meat. Add a variety of colorful fruits and veggies and eat a variety from different color groups for optimal health benefits! Focus on eating fruits and vegetables from three different color groups at every meal!

-Un-complicate your breakfast cereal-Stock a basic grain cereal (choose one that lists whole grain flour as the first ingredient and contains less than four grams of sugar and five grams of fiber per serving) and mix with others that your love!  So you are really getting the best of both worlds here!

-30 snacks under 200 calories-Takes the thinking out of healthy snacking-1/2 cup carrot sticks, 3 tablespoons hummus and a 4 inch pita one of my flavor favs!  So many more great ideas with all the calorie info!

-Top 60 super foods- Blueberries, chickpeas, mushrooms, edamame, green tea and tomatoes just to name a few and these are foods you can put in your daily meals (sorry no chocolate or martinis on the list).

This book really is a way to learn how to live a healthy life without dieting and how to do it simplified for life! Gloria Tsang also has a website http://www.healthcastle.com/ where she compares popular foods and gives even more great tips! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read and learn from this book… no more diets for me because I am now the Undiet girl!!  Grab this book oh and let's not tell Gloria I'm eating a chocolate chip cookie right now... but hey now that I know how to eat better I can sneak in a treat or two right?! Sigh...

Gloria Tsang-Author of Go Undiet


3s said...
Looks like a great book! Will check it out on Amazon! Thanks for the heads up.
betchai said...
i will share this book to some of my friends who are working to lose weight. it's definitely very interesting and helpful.
Thanks 3's and Betchai! There was so much more I wanted to say about this book bc ever since reading it I have been shopping and eating better. Thanks for the comments:) h
Unknown said...
As always you introduce us to many interesting concepts with health and food.

Yesterday, I heard or another new finding which may be of interest. It's related to those who have problems with IBS, bloating, stomach cramps and so on and is a food discovery to control them. It is called FODMAPs. These are certain foods which when avoided cure the above symptoms. Apparently one of the worst offenders is chewing gum which is groups in with polyols.
Apparently chewing gum is so bad it takes over a million years to decompose.
Polly thanks for that Information! I am going to look into that bc I love learning how different foods can heal our bodies. I have never heard of the FODMAPS but interested to see it. This book was such a great resource and her healthcastle website is a wealth of information so I hope you can enjoy it too:)

p.s. Hope the hedgehogs are doing well:)
HealthCastleGlo said...
Thank you for your review on my book :-) I'm honored!

Gloria Tsang
Wow I am honored that you read my review!! I LOVED your book and have been raving to everyone about it! I have really changed how I am shopping at the grocery store and eating. Thank you for writing the book and providing such a wonderful and resourceful website as well!! I think I can do it now with no more diets:)))
riablahgs said...
Great info Heidi! I'll be heading to Gloria Tsang's site after this :)

Ria C

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Hi...nice blog,,,information is very good and very helpful.nice blog keep it up.article is very good and informative.
Unknown said...
Heidi - the hedgehogs are still greedily eating everything and leaving little parcels to show their approval!

Just a further little reference to your post above but one of the most informative pieces of information that I have ever acquired with regard to weightloss is to keep meals containing carbohydrates separate from meals containing fat. When fat and carbohydrates are combined in a meal it becomes impossible to shed any weight. So when eating cereals like porridge they need to be made with either water or fat free milk. Toast should never have butter or any other fat applied to it but eaten as they do on the continent with a small dollop of good quality jame/conserve. Fatty meats should be eaten with greens and potatoes, rice or pasta avoided with meats. Fruits when raw are extremely fattening and are therefore best eaten after cooking.
The reason that I have added these little notes is that those that wish to lose weight but can't often find that once they separate carbohydrate meals from fats the weight not only comes off it stays off.
I suppose, we are all different and it's finding what works for each person's body. When a person is young nearly any form of a diet works for them but with every year that comes our way then it becomes far more difficult. Separating carbohydrates and fats with each meal works when you are either older (past 40) or fatter.
Acadia said...
"Thinnity" made me lol. Also I like broccoli. That is what I know about health. :(
VetTech said...
So.. you were drop 301 today... so no drop .. just a hello. I also wanted to say that I always want a plan that sounds ass reasonable as this one, but it never works for me... unless I almost eliminate white carbs and keep the fat in my diet my weight comes back and so does my ravenous cravings for junk
VetTech I love you stopping by drops or not! Always make me smile:) I agree on the white carbs and fat! Polly love your advice and trying it!

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