Interesting tips from the trainer-Mix up your workout for better benefits!

This morning when I went to do my daily 5 mile run I ran into the trainer at the club where I work out at.  She is amazing, very knowledgeable and always willing to help with little tips to optimize my workouts and eating habits. She asked me how much cardio I was doing and I told her roughly running 10 miles a day.  She explained to me that I really don't need to do 10 miles of running a day that as a matter of fact I could burn more by mixing my workout up.  I was fascinated because I believed that running this much was the best cardio to burn the fat.  The trainer explained to me that our bodies are extremely efficient machines and if we are doing the same routine all the time our body recognizes it and uses less energy to do the workouts than in the beginning.  I am so glad she told me this or I would still be running 10 miles a day thinking I should really be losing more weight.  She suggested that I run on the treadmill on a higher incline for a minute or run faster for a minute and then go back to my normal pace.  This would push my body harder, vary my routine and I would burn more.  She also suggested that I run at a comfortable pace and focus more on time than miles.  I need to throw in the bike, classes and the elliptical too.  By mixing my routine up we can all burn more and hopefully achieve the results we want quicker.

Personally, when all else fails I put on my Adidas, hop on the treadmill and run and run and run until all the frustration,sadness or what  I feel is on it's way out and that euphoric exhausted feeling takes over.  When I am having a bad day of it I run so hard until I could collapse and I tell you what it is the best feeling.

Anyway, off to bed... hope this helps you in your workout-sure did me!


  1. that's what others told me too, to surprise our body once a while. that's a very beautiful picture of cat.

  2. Thanks for the great reminder. I'd forgotten that really important information. Tomorrow no stationary bike. It will be Wii time.


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