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One More Reason To Love Your Pet Even More-Your Health!

This has to be one of my favorite posts as I love animals so much !

If you ever have had or currently are lucky enough to be a guardian of a pet ,you probably understand the wonderful calming affect a pet can have on you (unless you come home and find your chair and love seat completely eaten like I have in the past-it can be a bit stressful). After a long day there is nothing better than relaxing with my dogs and cats. Just their presence is calming to me and if I am really upset there is nothing that can calm me down better than a few minutes of snuggling with my cat Baby Jaap. I could not imagine a life without animals as their humorous antics, intriguing habits and unconditional love make my life so complete and
enjoyable. Don't just take my word for it-read on.

Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

**More and more studies are beginning to show evidence that children who live in homes with animals that have fur (cat, dog, guinea pig,etc) and large animals are less at risk for allergies, eczema (skin rash condition) and asthma. There is also some discussion that children in those homes may have stronger immune system activation.

**Heart attack patients who have pets survive longer than those without, according to several studies.

**People with pets actually make fewer doctor visits, especially for non-serious medical conditions.

**Pets help fight depression and loneliness-The antics of animals at play keep you lighthearted. The presence of a dog prompts the daily walk you otherwise might postpone. Having a cat means regular exposure to contented purring, with its guaranteed-to-be calming effect on your psyche. Furry critters encourage life-critical social interactions and feeding and grooming routines offer structure and purpose to a life lived alone. More here.

**Pets can help lower your blood pressure-Dr. Karen Allen, a researcher at the State University of New York at Buffalo, showed that people with hypertension who adopted a dog had lower blood pressure readings in stressful situations than did those who did not own a pet.

**Dr. Meredith Wells, an assistant professor of psychology at Eastern Kentucky University, surveyed businesses that allow pets in the workplace and found that employees believe that the animals reduce stress and improve their mental and physical health. More here.

**Pets promote social interaction, decrease the feeling of loneliness and isolation, and increase morale and optimism.

**Pets satisfy the need for touch and to be touched, and give nonjudgmental warmth and affection.

**Pets encourage playfulness, exercise, and laughter.

I would like to also point out that a pet is a responsibility and getting one is not to be taken lightly. Taking care of an animal is a lifelong commitment so if you are not in it for the long haul I do not recommend a pet for you (animal shelters are full of wonderful abandoned pets so please be responsible). If you are looking for a pet I highly recommend adopting one from an animal shelter. All my animals are from shelters (or they just showed up) and I really believe that they know you saved them. Shelter pets are wonderful and you save a life. Go hug your pet-you'll feel better!


OXM said...
After a day with my 20-months-old baby, there's nothing more relaxing than an hour of snuggle with the Pit Bulls. (and watching The Daily Show).
BeadedTail said...
Wonderful post Heidi! Pets certainly have made my life better and I can't imagine not having any. I absolutely agree about shelter pets too! Thanks for such a pawesome post and message about pets!
betchai said...
great info heidi. you are very correct, having a pet is a lifelong commitment, it is sad to see some people have pets yet don't even care for it.
eastcoastlife said...
My son had a pet dog once, my hubby and I had to do the feeding, bathing and walking the dog. My son only played with it. For my son. he has lots of benefits keeping a pet. :P
VetTech said...
Great post Heidi! My Mom always said that if I didn't get her the kitten and adult cat I brought home for her after my Dad passed away she doesn't think she would have lived very long after he died. Having a reason to get up (to scoop the litter box and feed them) when all she wanted to do was stay in bed made all the difference, and they have proven to be a comfort to her in her old age.
Unknown said...

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Duni said...
I love pets!
Animals really enhance our lives positively. Some pet-owners need to be more responsible though!
Lynne said...
I agree with this post 100%! We had a very stressful morning today and I came home with my heart racing and couldn't seem to calm myself down. I finally sat down with our dog and just started petting on her and it really helped me. I'm lucky to have her!
Ish said...
I have a shitzu and hes very lovable, and all information on this post are all true, thanks for sharing it to others
Jackie said...
Heidi hello! I was so excited to see your card in my box. This is a great post. I would be absolutely lost without my pets.

I worked in a nursing home a long long time ago and they brought animals in to visit.

It did wonders for all of the residents. I have missed you bunches and I am glad to be back!!:-)
Got rid of the husband, and got me a cat! Life has been purrrrfect ever since! ;)
eastcoastlife said...
Have a great start to a new week, Heidi!
Steve Borgman said...
With 2 gekkos, 3 cats, a few fish, a hamster, and a dog, I hope that we are gleaning all of these benefits! My poor mother, who is both addicted to cleanliness and allergic to cats, had a challenging time with us this weekend. She does not have a single pet, but I wish her the best of long life and blessing :)
hey Heidi, great post, and thanks for advertising on my site, really appreciate your visit.
I have to add to your post, here in South Africa, we keep pets for two reasons, one is to have a pet for the kids and ourselves, and the other reason is for security reasons, a pet warns when a burglar wants to enter your premises, and ours, a huge german shepard, who is also quite vicious looking, scares criminals away from the gate. We do not live in a very safe environment in general.
jacqueline said...
Glad you're back Heidi. Thanks for the warm post about pets. :-)
Bob Johnson said...
Great post and so true, I have a cat and she does help very much so in getting me relaxed after a hard tension filled day at work.
Maria said...
You did a great job listing the too numerous to name benefits of having pets. Maybe some people would be nicer if they had one?
Anonymous said...
I can personally attest to this one. I've been really depressed when I broke up with my previous boyfriend. But the mere presence of my pet cat actually helped me pull through. Also, because I walk my friend's dog for her, I get my daily exercise from it, too. http://www.carisoprodol.bz
Anonymous said...
I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Ayie said...
once we get our house I'll get to have pets, not allowed here in the apartment. That could explain why I am not too sensitive with a lot of things...we always had dogs, cats, birds and fishes and even rabbit =)
I do the same thing--enjoy coming home and just relaxing with my pets. Snuggling with my cats (and no my dog too) is a great stress reliever! Since we got a dog, I go for more walks now even than I did before! Only problem is, now it's hard for me to go places because I hate leaving my dog home alone all day and then go out in the evening too.

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