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Mom, desperately trying to get the health thing right! I started this blog so that I can pass along all the great things that I learn everyday on damage control for our wonderful bodies. It is tough to keep up sometimes with all the things going on in our daily lives so hopefully some of the helpful hints that I provide can make your life easier and healthier. I welcome your comments and tips as well! I am a vegetarian, animal rights advocate and avid animal rescuer.
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Shrink Your Stomach The Natural Way-Say What???

Have you ever noticed that when you go on vacation and let loose (which for me means to eat, eat, and eat more than I ever would at home) and you are consuming large portions of food that when you get back home you still seem to eat more and it takes quite a bit to fill you up and make you feel satisfied (Wow that was a long run on sentence if there ever was one)? Recently when I was on vacation in Costa Rica I could not stop eating and I loved it (my friend even commented that she had never seen me eat so much in her life!) but when I returned home to try to settle back into my normal routine I still wanted to eat lots and lots in order to feel full. I knew that I had to get my stomach and eating habits back to a happy medium.

I found the trick to shrinking your stomach hence helping your weight loss and maintenance efforts in my new favorite book called Nature's Prescriptions. I like this idea because it is free, not too tough and really does work (I do gripe and groan for the first couple days but then it kicks in and you will be feeling much better). The key (drum roll please) is to stick to a regular meal plan-typically one that focuses on eating smaller meals more frequently.

Just remember that because you eat more meals doesn't mean you get more calories. You are simply dividing them more evenly throughout the day so you are less likely to get hungry and overeat. You want to avoid large meals and stuffing yourself because you will undo all your good work and increase your stomach size again. Generally, this takes me a couple days to get back in the habit of eating several small meals. I am a big supporter of the several small meals a day as it keeps your stomach at a good size and your metabolism going and revved up throughout the day.


jh said...
I agree. You never get too hungry and you never stretch your stomach out. No sugar crashes either. This works for many people but some people won't be able to stop overeating with this.

politicus said...
Heidi, whatever it might be, it seems to work just great for you! :)
betchai said...
wow, i admire your fitness Heidi, i eat many times a day too, but my problem is really on cutting the amount i eat :( thanks for sharing again your tip.
Sicilian said...
MMMMMmm Gallo Pinto was my favorite in CR. . . . I actually maintained my weight when we visited in November. . . . but I exercised a lot and of course the weather is so nice that you walk and walk and walk. . .
BeadedTail said...
I hadn't heard this before but it sounds like a wonderful way to shrink the stomach and also cure binges from getting too hungry due to not eating for too long. Plus, if it helps me look like you, I'm all for it!
ssgreylord said...
couldn't agree with you more... finally, something sensible and free (as you put it) to create a habit that should last a lifetime...
Bill said...
I agree Hedi just eat smaller meals and that works. I see you cut the head off your body here. LOL Have a great week my friend.
Unknown said...
One question: Is that a photo of you, Heidi?

Yes, Mike it is a picture of me but I thought it best to cut my head off as not to be too racy. You are clever! I thought nobody would have any idea!
Billlllll!!!!! How did you catch on that was me???????????????? You and Mike are too clever for me. I really thought I could pull this off. I should have known that I could not pull this over you two. Okay, well I just wanted to point out that even a mom at 40 if she takes care of herself can do okay in a bikini. sigh.
Baby Sleep Safe said...
I always wanted to have a flat tummy. I am into diet and fitness to achieve it.
I find that if I eat more often smaller meals that I'm less hungry too.
Anonymous said...
One would never say that body belongs to a 40 year old person... btw, my problem is that my clothes seem to shrink in my cupboard, specially when I dont wear it for a certain period of time. Any ideas??
gLoR!e said...
for the past days i didn't watch my eating habit that turn a big regrets!:( huhuh
Bill said...
You can do more than Ok Hedi all i can say is one word WOW LOL take care my friend.
eastcoastlife said...
I need determination for this! :D
It's hard to resist the temptation of yummy food but I have to try one. Your slim waist is my motivation. :)
Duni said...
Yes, I totally agree. I too am in favour of eating 'manageable' portions several times a day instead of the typical three big meals.
I wonder if this works with my cat Sammy too...
jacqueline said...
Once again Heidi, this is some VERY helpful information! Thank you.
ish said...
with a body like that, your really a hot mama! thanks for the tip!
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Cascia Talbert said...
Great point. I've always known that eating small meals more frequently can help your metabolism and help you lose weight. Sometimes we need a little reminder about this tip. Thanks for sharing!
Swubird said...
Health Nut:

Absolutely. The Queen and I just took a short vacation and we experienced just the thing you're talking about - stretched stomach. We are determined to get back on our scheduled meals and routine. Nice post.

Happy trails.
foongpc said...
Thanks for this wonderful tip, Heidi! I've always practised eating smaller, but more frequent meals. Never believe in the 3-meals-a-day rule. It's the best way to control blood sugar and to prevent over-eating.

Like you I also tend to pig it out during vacation or holidays (I can eat a lot if I want to! People will be shocked when they see me do that!) so it's a little tough to get back on track when I return from the holidays! : )
Duni said...
Hello Heidi,
just stopping by again to let you know I have passed an award on to you! Please visit my blog for details whenever you have time!

Happy blogging,

Dori said...
This is my spot that I need the most help. I want abs like yours Heidi :) Thanks for the tips as always.
Unknown said...
Okay, had to return for one more look...

Sounds good to me! I try to do this, myself. I've also begun to use smaller plates when I do have my main meals. Does make a difference! :)
Sandi said...
I agree. I don't always follow the smaller meals rule...but I agree that it works absolutely.
Sherer said...
I am on a new crusade to get ripped -( I go through phases I want to get big, then ripped then big, then ripped again) Ill send you a pic when I there! Thanks for the tips!
tashabud said...
You do practice what you preach, which is wonderful. And it shows, too.
Your toned, flat abs look terrific in the picture. You shouldn't have included your face in the picture. You look awesome.

Thanks for making us young women (hehe) encouraged to go for that flat tummy.

jazmin said...
I read all the comments and I agree that eating, balanced, and digestable food portion is part of the bigger solution.

A person needs a disciplined, structued life that is also balanced. I am talking about 7-8 hours of relular sleeping time each night. A regular exercise routine 35-40 minutes a day, every other day. A set amount of time with family ech day. Lastly, doing a routine like yoga on those days that you aren't exercising.

Doing these thing consistently will help you live a beter, successful life. Imagine if everyone in the nation did this, then we will definitely have the healthcare reform that we been wanting for a long time.

Elegant Rose said...
Great idea! I just need to learn to be consistent! I have teenage boys and sometimes eat more than I should because it will be gone before I know it. I guess I should just let it be gone!! Thanks


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