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10 Easy To Follow Rules For Weight Loss

It seems like I am always looking for a new way to stay slim and healthy and I am not quite sure why this is because really there is no magic solution. As the ten easy to follow rules for weight loss show we just need to stick to the basics and we will be alright.

By following the 10 rules below obese adults who were given a pamphlet with these 10 basic rules were motivated enough to lose 4 pounds in 8 weeks. By following them all you could take off up to 900 calories a day-which is about 15 pounds over an 8 week period. Really not too tough to do and simple to follow.

10 Easy To Follow Rules For Weight Loss

1. Choose low fat foods.
2. Pack healthy snacks-think fruit, veggies, organic cheese sticks, nuts instead of chips, or candy bars.
3. Stand for 10 minutes every hour-it keeps your metabolism going
4. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily
5. Eat small to moderate portions and skip seconds.
6. Check the fat and sugar content on lables-remember that even things like ketchup and pasta can be packed with sugar so you want to really keep your eyes open.
7. Avoid high caloric and sugary drinks-They may taste great but moderation is the key here if you must have them.
8. Eat your meals on a regular schedule-I know this can be tough sometimes on a busy schedule but try your best and keep healthy low-fat snacks with you when you may have to skip a meal. I try to eat lots of small meals each day and this keeps me from getting too hungry.
9. Wear a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day. Hmmmm-I have not tried this one but probably should. I always wondered how much I really walk in a day.
10. Turn off the television while you eat. I can see how this would help as it is easy to sit and watch tv while eating comfort food. It diverts your attention from how much you are actually eating.

Ref-Prevention magazine 2008-my new fave.

These really are simple and easy to follow and basic rules to help you take or keep the weight off.

P.S. I am way, way behind on my entrecard drops and commenting but hope to get caught up over the holiday weekend so please know I will get going on this. Also, to all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving-Happy Thanksgiving (We make a Tofurkey).


Anonymous said...
Awesome post..thank you! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!
gLoR!e said...
Happy Thanksgiving!:)

mmm this tips made me sane...lol i can't honestly walk even just 50 meters or stand in few minutes..oh my such a lazy butt but then again, my mind is working to diet..ggrrr
Dori said...
Happy Thanksgiving Heidi!!! :)
Steve Borgman said...
Let's see....I have not been wearing my pedomenter lately...so I have no idea how far I have walked...or not! I've got to get that back on, because when I have it on, I definitely find ways to make sure I get more walking in!
BeadedTail said...
I was leary when I saw your post said "Easy" and weight loss in the same line but those really are easy to follow rules! I telecommute so the getting up and moving around is something I need to work on since I tend to only get up with the cat needs to be watered (yes, she drinks from the sink!) or the dog needs to go out.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Heidi!
Anonymous said...
Happy Thanksgiving -
Alan said...
I don't know any way for me to loose weight easily except

...with the food that is.
John A Hill said...
Heidi, you've got me started with some simple modifications to my poor habits. Here are a few:
Drinking less soda, Drinking more tea(Earl Grey is my favorite, but I also drink green tea and chai), Eating less red meat(only one helping in the past week),
Working in a walk or other physical activity (like yard work) and trying to get more sleep.

Jesse also had some good advice awhile back...something about eating what you want of healthy foods, being moderate in things that are not so healthy and just having a taste of things that you know you should avoid.

If I can keep adding things one at a time, someday I'll look great in a bikini, too!
John A Hill said...
Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving.
Scotty Graham said...

thanks so much for the nice things you said in my blog...I appreciate your comments.

You sure give some great advice here, I will be back to visit often.


ImitationAngel said...
Those are some great tips. I need to implement some of them into my plans. The 10,000 steps would probably give me the most trouble (I hate moving lol).
Anonymous said...
Happy Thanksgiving Heidi and thanks for the wonderful tips! I must try that Tofurkey.
Anonymous said...
hi! what a very health informative site you have here.. cheers!

oh well, i have no issues in loosing weight but has a big problem in keeping my tummy flat.. =(
Terri said...
Great post thanks.....I like the lazy way.. slimming shakes, of course added to a good fitness routine is better yet.
foongpc said...
Great tips! I don't know whether this is true or just my imagination, but I find that if I stand for 20 mins to half an hour after eating, I won't end up with big belly compared to sitting down after a meal.

Btw, glad you find my post funny. I didn't think it was funny until I finished writing it! : )
ssgreylord said...
i like it when things are kept simple. these are logical, easy to follow ideas of how to keep those pounds off. thanks for the healthy reminders...
Raquel said...
Wow, great information. It's 7:30p here and I don't have plan to run but after I read this entry, ha-ha what a conscience. I think, I'll better go now. It's a Thanksgiving day though I should need day off too but nah, I want to run to complete the 10,000 steps a day.

Btw, I want to try the #3. It's interesting. I am a SAHM, it's possible I can do that since I have all the time to do it.


Great post!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Bob Johnson said...
I love the 10 steps, lays it all out in easy to understand terms.
Anonymous said...
Uh oh! I just had two pieces of pumpkin pie (my weakness)...but, I cut the amount of sugar in the baking...does that count??? hehe..Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said...
Thank You!
Hope you had a Good Thursday! :)
Thanksgiving is here!

Obesity is becoming a real problem worldwide. This post is so helpful for overweight people and those who wanted to have and maintain a healthy figure like me.

Take care!
Caroline said...
Great post! Always good to keep these in mind (especially this time of year!). Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
Unknown said...
A tofurkey! That sounds pretty dang good and healthy!
Dori said...
Congratulations on your being featured on foxnews.com :-)
Anonymous said...
belated happy thanksgiving to you heidi, sorry am late :( anyway, i wonder how do you make your tofurkey.
Anonymous said...
Wear a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day. Hmmmm-

I am just doing so! But I find it's too hard to walk 10000 steps a day!

My best record is 5471 steps a day last week!
riablahgs said...
Thanks for sharing these tips! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Leet said...
I really have a problem with diet... I am a food lovers and just eat anything that I like. I don't know how to stay healthy... Scare me sometimes...
Anonymous said...
That's a good list. I would like to add, though, complimenting your diet with proper exercise.
acai said...
Well grate tips though, I am especially pretty impressed with the 7th and 8th information. It does make sense a lot. Thanks for sharing these useful tips based on weight loss.

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