Drop A Few Pounds-Tips To Try Today-Simple!!

While browsing through this month's Good Housekeeping (I never ordered it but it mysteriously keeps coming to my house with my name on it-must be some sort of hint from someone trying to secretly make me more domestic) I found some interesting tips on how to drop 5 lbs . I am always seeing articles about quick weight loss but thought this one was kind of fun because the tips were not your everyday ones. These are easy too, which I like. I know we learn more from the hard uphill climb but once in awhile a nice clear path is refreshing . Here is a nice clear path to losing a few pounds

Try These Simple Tricks For Weight Loss

**Stand Up To Slim Down-This is an easy way to burn twice as many calories! In a study at the University Of Missouri-Columbia, researchers reviewed the differences between sitting and standing and found that standing doubles your metabolic rate. Apparently the reason for this is because standing requires more strength to hold your body up. It also helps muscles siphon fat out of the blood stream. See, what I mean! This is easy! We can do this together! I wonder if I stand up and eat chocolate for awhile if that would make a difference-no, probably not. Me and that cursed chocolate!

**Fill Up On Not So Forbidden Fruit- Instead of eating a blueberry pie, eat fresh blueberries (they are packed full of antioxidants and have far less calories than a sugary pie). Instead of a 700 calorie rasberry tartlet, opt for 6 cups of rasberries (again packed with antioxidants) that are 64 calories each and add some whipped cream (only 13 calories per teaspoon).MMMMMM! I also like to add Stevia, the all natural sweetner that I use in my tea. I sprinkle it on my berries to sweeten them and there are no calories!

**Miracle Mint-I did an entire post about this because I was so excited at how easy it is!!! According to a study at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, researchers followed 27 adults for two 5 day periods and found that those who wafted/sniffed peppermint oil under their nose every two hours ate almost 350 fewer calories. The smell may increase our level of alertness so you are less likely to snack because you are tired.

** Try Ordering Your Groceries Online-I will be the first to admit that the grocery store is a place filled with temptations. If you are like me you may want to try ordering your groceries online. According to a multi-university study, researchers assigned 28 people to either a standard weight-loss program or a program with grocery delivery. After eight weeks, online buyers had fewer fattening products and less total food in their cupboard. It is easier to stick to your grocery list online than grabbing those cookies and brownies on sale at the store.

Aren't these terrific!! Easy and simple tips that can make a big difference on your weight loss journey.


  1. These are great tips cause they are easy to do. So simple.

  2. Nice tips. I'm prepping for weight loss, getting myself into the right frame of my, determined to succeed this time. I go to the doctor's next Friday to officially begin the program. I am using this blog as an inspiration. Thanks.

  3. These are so refreshingly simple.

    There's always some kooky example out there that's impossible to follow because it requires some trip down to the jungles of South America to find this exotic juice that will not only cleanse but help you lose 30 lbs. a day (only to have customs take it away).

    I will be conscious of these tips throughout the day.
    Thanks. ANother fun, informative post.

  4. The last one is hard for me. I find so many specials online that I have extra money for junk.

    Only problem is that fruit is expensive when you buy it online.

  5. Interesting tips...I think simplicity is a huge factor in our success...at least it is in mine.

    The standing up idea makes sense if you think about it...I was a hairstylist for 14 years and I have to say I didn't have any issue controlling my weight during that time...I was standing for 7/8 hrs a day 5 days a week...
    I do the berries and whipped cream thing...it then feels like a treat.

    The mint idea is interesting...may give it a try...

    Great post...cheers :0)

  6. Thank you for all the great tips. Also thank you for the nice comments when you visited my blog; they are well appreicated!

  7. Well I think you look great so I don't think you need to lose 5 lbs..but good information...I like that you are a naturalist as teaching what is good for our body is a passion of mine it is alway nice to read your blog for good information...

  8. Very significant info. I'm gaining weight again, so I need to watch it.
    Yes, you are right about the standing/ More energy is spent when one is standing.

    Good post.

  9. I am going to try the mint experi"mint" even if I have to go around snorting a stick of gum. I think that if it works as stated, what an easy way to shed that many calories. On a treadmill, it would take an hour at least to burn that. Great tip, thanks again. =)

  10. these are great tips ;) and yes i've heard about sniffing peppermint i also wrote a short article about it too.

    too bad we don't have blueberries here, sigh.

    hope you're having a great sunday ;)

  11. Good stuff!

    The one thing I would add is load bearing exercise.

    Is it important for weight loss? Sure. Stronger, toned muscles burn more calories than fat.

    Increased metabolism is not the only benefit, however.

    Load bearing exercises keep you bones strong and joints healthy. This is especially true for women over 30.

    Losing weight is great, but keep the big picture in mind. Health, wellness and better quality of life as we age.

    So sign up for that boot camp class, go for a walk, park farther away and feel great!

  12. Namaste...Very good information here...Much of what you mention is taught in the old yogic tradition of nutrition also....the magic of foods like blueberries, mint, different grains, etc. This old wisdom is many times lost...it is nice to see it fresh and in new form

  13. Ordering groceries online might also have the benefit of saving money since those temptations wouldn't be purchased!

  14. I really enjoyed the tips! :)

  15. Standing up with chocolate. LOL...now you're talkin'! hehe.

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  17. @ David Tamayo - instead of snorting a stick of gum, why not try sticking a tic tac in one nostril? that way the peppermint smell will be semi-permanently in your nose? =)

  18. I have also heard that drinking chilled water rather than warm water is best when losing weight as the body burns calories in warming the liquid after it enters your body.

    Oh and along the same lines it is better to wear less rather than more, again because the body will burn calories to maintain body temperature. Yep, it's true and has absolutely nothing to do with me being a dirty old man. ;)

  19. The mint is a new one on me, thanks!

  20. Thanks for the tips, standing is hard specially when you're on the computer 12 hrs a day... but I'll try standing while I am on my computer... :)


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