6 Months Later-A diet Changed and Health Regained-Plus I'm Thinner And Healthier

I want to write today about how my life has changed since I have made some changes in my diet, and all the foods that I choose on a daily basis. I am telling you this so that if you are on the fence about getting serious about changing your diet for a healthier one I may sway you to do so.

I finally began getting serious about my health about 6 months ago when I started taking a Whole Food Supplement. To be honest with you, I wasn't too optimistic that things would change much for me but I knew that because of my busy lifestyle I needed to make some changes in how I was eating instead of either no food (too busy) or fast food so I decided to give it a shot. I started taking the Pops (the whole food supplements)-one in the morning and one in the evening. I was impressed with these because although I am a vegetarian and eat no meat, I was still not eating fruits and veggies and these supplements had 23 fruits and 23 vegetables in them so I knew that at the very least I was doing myself a small favor (it turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself). The person who told me about whole food supplements said that once I began taking them, I would probably find one thing leading to another (meaning I would want to become healthier or something). I just smiled and nodded (would never have believed it myself) and bought my supplements. It's not that I didn't want to be healthy but I just did not want to have to put the thought into being healthy (yes, I was being lazy)-I was putting so much thought and effort into other things. What I soon realized is that the supplements were eye opening to me-so much so that I started this blog and find myself researching and studying every night about the effects that my diet has on every aspect of my body and mind and everything. I love finding the foods that can make me less moody (that is putting it lightly), the foods that make me smarter (I'm still waiting for that to happen), how to satisfy unhealthy cravings with a healthy alternative and the list goes on. So, below are a few of the changes that I have seen in myself and some of the changes that I made that maybe you might want to try. WARNING-if you already are a health nut go easy on me and remember that I am still a health nut wannabe and have a long way to go!

Some Healthy Changes Made to My Diet

**Cut down on eating lots of heavy and unhealthy carbs like chips, bread, fries, etc (you get the picture) and substituted nuts for these cravings and as I have said before-it worked!! Nuts are one of the wonder foods of the world and satisfy when you have a carb urge or just want to feel full.

**Stopped drinking diet sodas and eating any products with Aspartame, NutraSweet, Sorbitol, (artificial sweeteners) and instead drink water and lots, and lots of iced tea with Stevia (natural calorie and carb free sweetener, that I love).

**Cut down on eating cookies, brownies, chocolate (don't get me wrong, I still eat them but just find I don't crave them as much so I don't eat as many) and all sugary sweets and instead reach for a variety of fruits.

** Only drink and eat organic low fat dairy products (no hormones, and funk for me).

**Switched to whole grain instead of white bread, crackers, pasta and whatever else.

**Make sure that I eat at least 2 huge servings of vegetables (I just ate a bowl of carrots and green beans and was so proud of myself) a day (keep in mind that 6 months ago I would have 2 huge servings a week).

**Faithfully take my Pops morning and evening and never, ever miss (I can really tell a difference when I don't take them).

Results-Now We Are Talking

**Lost 6 pounds without even thinking about it or making an effort (keep in mind I am a neurotic freak about my weight so this was huge for me). I made myself gain 3 pounds back because I was too thin in my opinion and have an agreement with myself that I can't get below a certain weight (weird weight issues that I have).

**Increased energy! I can go, go, go and still feel great at the end of the day. I am more alert (bye, bye sluggishness) and just have a renewed zest for life (it sounds corny but hey, it's true).

**My skin is the best it has ever been! I was a makeup artist for years and know the best high end products, tricks, etc but even I was not prepared for the clear, smooth, softer and younger looking skin that I suddenly have (and no botox like my friends).

**I am nicer (just ask my husband) and I don't feel as irritable and cranky.

**I feel better inside that I am more aware of my body and health and what it can do for me. I am happier with myself than I ever have been because I know that I am doing something that is changing my life and those around me. It just feels good to take care of yourself.

Now, I am far, far from perfect but implementing these small changes has really made a difference for me. I really think that the Pops whole food supplements I take are a big factor. I stopped taking my vitamins (if you get a chance get the free vitamin report offered in the upper left hand corner and you'll see why I stopped taking my vitamins) and switched to the whole food multi's.

I just thought I would share this because I was completely surprised at what a difference 6 months and some small healthy changes could make. I remain committed to finding more and more ways for all of us to be healthy without being too hassled!




  1. Wow! That's wonderful! Congratulations to you. Isn't it great to finally see results? I think you are more than just a wannabee, you are fast becoming a full fledged health nut. :)

    This post was totally inspiring for me. I really need to get my act together and be healthier, especially now that I'm getting older.

    I'm totally stealing your tips, but I think I have to start small. Since I've got dessert under control, (funny how I hardly crave it anymore)it makes me feel I can tackle other areas. Now I really need to work on carbs. I'm horrible with pasta's, breads etc. I have just recently gotten into eating nuts, and you are right! I find they are a great snack, and they fill me up. Only thing is they have loads of fat, but that's the good fat right?

    Anyway, I'm so glad you have this wonderful blog, It really is a great inspiration and you've done so well!

  2. Of all the good tips here, perhaps the best one is to cut out all of the fake sugar products. These are poison to the immune system.

  3. Hi,
    Keep up the great work & thanks for sharing your story with us. Our health is everything. I'm glad you put back on 3 pounds, if you thought you were looking a little to skinny. I had lost my weight with Herbalife. I love their products. The chocolate protein shakes were great with soymilk. I enjoy reading your blog. :-) Take care, Robin

  4. Hi Heidi, congratulations on your lifestyle changes and on losing 6lbs! You've done what needs to be done to get healthy and fit - make those small lifestyle changes instead of taking the route of a diet (diets don't work). WTG!

  5. Very good post! I worked my way down to maybe one or two cups of diet soda a day, drinking water the rest of the day. But lately am drinking way too much.

  6. I agree with everything! I have been trying to eat healthier since I found out over a year and a half ago that I have fibromyalgia. It really makes a difference!
    The only thing I do a little different is the dairy. I try to only have yogurt and no milk. (either White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt with no hormones or Activia which is probably not organic) I've read several places about dairy products and plan to do a post whenever I have a lot of time to do it.
    You have a great blog here!

  7. That is so cool! I want to do those changes too, I am a staying home Mom and I think sometimes I hate just for sport, now the spring is coming I will be outside and doing more activities that will work perfect and doing this good advieses to change my diet, and lose some weight and be again the woman I was, It is crazy because I am not use to beeing fat, and I am not to heavy but not enough thin to make me happy, so thank you for sharing this, also beeing overweight makes me be in a terrible mood, so I just love your other post of the foods to make you feel better. Thank you for sharing, great posting, and we are always learning :) just like you.

  8. Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words. Sometimes it is hard to do the healthy things and isn't the weight thing such a pain in the you know what? I really embrace all of you for your comments and your efforts to be the best you can too. I will keep trying to find ways to post to be healthy without all the technical jargon and hopefully a shortcut to get there to boot.

  9. Enjoyed this post very much. Like many, I have said more times than I care to count,"I've got to eat better." But after a prostate cancer diagnosis in late January, I finally got serious and really started doing it.

    What's amazing is how easy it has been to change my diet, and how readily I adapted to it. I'm doing all the things you suggested. No meat. No sugar. No dairy products. All natural supplements all the time. Fruit out the yin yang... and yep, nuts (especially almonds) seem to take care of most of my "munchie" cravings.

    Too bad it took somewhat of a health crisis to really get me with the program, but hey, whatever it takes. I feel so much better these days, and that little bit of excess weight that was forming around the middle is already gone. My old trousers fit comfortably again... with no exra effort on my part. That's a real bonus.


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