Worldless Wednesday! First Day of School! Izzy Starts Kindergarten & Ava Is In 3rd Grade! Time Flies!!!!

So Proud of you Ava and Isabel!!!

I love you:)))


betchai said...
oh, they are so cute, you all look good together. and looking at their happy smiles, i know they have a very happy mom.
Kloggers/Polly said...
Well done girls!! .... In England all the schools are still on holiday they do not start the new term until the first week of September. Universities do not open until well into October ....

The girls look full of health and beauty Heidi - a joy and delight. Hope they both have a happy time!
Андрей said... beautiful kids!) thank for photos! check here туры в Черногорию you can go rest with your children) Best wishes!
Lynne said...
They sure grow up way too fast! Mine starts her first day as a sophomore in high school tomorrow, I can't believe it! Hope your girls (and you) and have a great year!
foongpc said...
Oh didn't know your daughters are so big already! Thought they are still babies! LOL! How time flies indeed! : )

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