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Mom, desperately trying to get the health thing right! I started this blog so that I can pass along all the great things that I learn everyday on damage control for our wonderful bodies. It is tough to keep up sometimes with all the things going on in our daily lives so hopefully some of the helpful hints that I provide can make your life easier and healthier. I welcome your comments and tips as well! I am a vegetarian, animal rights advocate and avid animal rescuer.
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Meal Patterning Food Target (Chris Johnson) Chart-Kiwi, blueberries, mmmmmmm

Below is Chris Johnson's meal patterning food target chart.  There is a book that goes with this but I wanted to show you the chart because it provides a simple way to see what you benefit from eating and what you do not benefit from.  For example, blueberries, kiwi, olives, fresh greens are in your best and white starches and soda are poor.  I can look at this wheel and it simplifies my shopping!

Hope you enjoy!


3s said...
This is great!
betchai said...
i think i have problems commenting if I use google chrome, right now, I am using explorer and I am able to comment, all the while I thought you closed your site for comments, glad that I was wrong, and I am here and can comment :) indeed the food chart simplifies our shopping.
foongpc said...
Wow! This Meal Patterning Food Target Chart is really useful! Thanks for sharing it! : )
Really cool chart! This will be really useful in the employee wellness seminar I'm working on for a client. Thank you for posting it and for letting me know about the book. All the best, JB
Your welcome! I loved this chart and can honestly say it is helping with my eating!
Swubird said...

This is a very interesting chart.

Michelle said...
I love this..Would you happen to have it in a pdf that could be emailed?

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